This Week's Headlines

  • "A new age of heroines"

    Service to others is in Marymount’s DNA. Kingdom Fair is the culminating event that celebrates this commitment to service and community outreach. Each year, all members of the junior class volunteer at service organizations around Los Angeles and share their experiences at this annual assembly.  

    On April 9th. Head of School Jacqueline Landry opened this year’s Kingdom Fair with a reminder to the community that, “we are only as happy and fulfilled as the least among us. This work that you do helps to lift up so many who are in need.”
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  • The Nautae: ‘young’ but mighty!

    In mid-March, as the Marymount community was dreaming of vacation plans, the Nautae, Marymount’s Robotics team, traveled to Long Beach to participate in the annual Los Angeles Regional F.I.R.S.T. Competition.
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  • DTASC performers shine at annual Shakespeare Festival

    On Saturday, April 5, while most Marymount students were enjoying their last days of spring break, more than 20 Marymount students traveled to Chatsworth to perform in the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC) annual Shakespeare festival. 
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  • "Our goal today is to inspire each of you to go out and ignite justice for others, for the world, and for the future."

    On Saturday, March 15th,  Marymount hosted its 8th annual Model United Nations Conference. More than 170 delegates from 12 area schools debated global social justice issues such as child soldiers, trafficking of women, the rights of migrant workers, genocide, chemical warfare and prison abuse.  Marymount students served as committee chairs, photographers, pages, and technicians in a 100% student-run conference.
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  • How far can you go? 3.1415926535897932384626...

    March 14 is Π Day!  Celebrated around the world, the date represents the first 3 digits of PI (3.14). All morning, students and staff alike could be heard practicing their PI to 10 digits past the decimal point with the hope of winning PI pencils, PI shaped cookies and, of course, pie!
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