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  • Lucy's hands are up for the 2015 World Games!

    2015 Special Olympics World Games Global Messenger Lucy Meyer Speaks to the Marymount Community

    Today we were blessed to have Lucy Meyer speak to our community about leadership, determination and inclusion of all people. Lucy Meyer is an 8th grade student with cerebral palsy who has won gold medals in prior Special Olympic events, and is now serving as one of just fifteen Global Messengers for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games being held right here in Los Angeles!
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  • Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

    Congratulations to the Class of 2015: "You stand on the threshold of blazing your own trail."

    On Friday, May 22nd, Marymount bid a fond farewell to the 92 members of the Class of 2015. To set our beloved seniors on their way, Laila Rodriques ‘15 gave the kind of humorous, thoughtful speech that we have come to expect from our graduating ASB Vice President. At the closing of her speech, Laila received a rousing standing ovation, punctuated by her beautiful reflection on all that her class is:

    "Class of 2015, we are strong. We are strong in our opinions and our choices and our love for each other. We, as a class, love and think and speak with such passion that I have seen changes happen and energy grow simply because we willed it so. Kind, collaborative, and deeply loyal, we have looked after each other, and this instinct to take care will make us lights in the world that other people are drawn to. We are a class with spirit, determination and willpower. We will not settle for anything less than what we know we can achieve. "

    Following Laila, our guest speaker Eileen Decker, Deputy Mayor for Homeland Security & Public Security for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and mom to two of our graduates, offered our Class of 2015 well-earned accolades as well as sage advice to take with them into the next phase their lives.
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  • Sage Strieker '17 talks technology with Jovana Lara

    ABC7’s Jovana Lara Visits Marymount’s Drone Programing Workshop

    On Tuesday, May 12th, fifteen Marymount students attended a new drone programming and coding workshop put on by partner organization, The Flatiron School.  ABC7’s Jovana Lara paid a visit to the workshop to watch our girls in action as they learned how to control and ultimately fly these drones with a set of code.  With many of our students already versed in coding basics, the drone programming process came naturally, with a team of students commanding the drones to flip, put on light shows and “dance” together in synchronization.
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  • Megan was recently featured on ABC's

    Raising funds for cancer awareness, Megan Forbes '16 is featured in local magazines and on KCAL’s ‘Cool Kids’ regular segment

    Inspired by her grandparents’ battles with cancer, Junior Megan Forbes founded "Gone With the Wigs," a non-profit organization committed to helping cancer patients find strength by focusing on their inner beauty as they struggle with the disease.  
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  • The Sophomore Class culminates a school year’s worth of planning and preparation at the annual APCH Health and Garden Expo

    On Saturday, April 25th, Marymount’s sophomore class lead a huge volunteer effort at A Place Called Home (APCH). Since their class retreat in September ’14, the class has been preparing for the Health and Garden Expo, the Center’s annual event designed for residents of South Central LA. Using class meetings and Theology class to learn about hunger insecurity in America and to reflect on the responsibility to effect change, the students worked all year to plan various elements of the Expo, and ultimately, served as the main volunteer force for this important annual event. 
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