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  • Look into this mirror and see all that you are.

    Marymount artists find inspiration through transformation of unexpected spaces as part of their "Street Art" curriculum

    Art instructor Ceres Madoo is known for the passion and creativity she brings to and inspires in her students. Each year, Ceres teaches a section called "Environmental Installation Art."  Her students study Public Sculpture, Interior Design, Street Art, Political Graffiti and Wall Installations. Together, they analyze how these varied types of public art can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. 
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  • Get to know Social Studies Department Chair Brian Nichols!

    Brian Nichols joined the Marymount family five years ago, and today finds himself at the helm of our Social Studies Department.  Beyond his signature wall of postcards and enriching approach to teaching our girls about history, we thought there might be a few other interesting facts about this Department Chair lurking under the surface.  Read on to learn more about Brian as we check in with him to see how the year is going!
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  • Wouldn't it be nice to pick up a box full of love?

    Finals may be looming, but rather than spending all of their time cramming in last bits of studying before exam day, some Marymount students took a break from the review process to center their thoughts around something other than their grades and schoolwork: love.  More specifically, the people they love. 
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  • Naomi, Rhapsody, Mikaela, Kendall, and Annabelle

    Marymount students consider the 'Big 8 of Diversity" at the 21st annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference

    Five Marymount students and two faculty members traveled to Indianapolis in December to participate in the 21st annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC).  Kendall Ferguson ‘15, Annabelle Liljegren ‘16, Mikaela Minor ‘15, Naomi Smith ’17 and Rhapsody Washington ’15, along with Social Studies Chair Brian Nichols and English faculty Heather Bayle were among the 1700 students from across the country to participate in the conference this year. 
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  • Through their music, Marymount performers bring the holidays to those in need of some Christmas spirit

    While most of us were busily completing our last bits of shopping to prepare for the holidays, a group of talented and thoughtful Marymount students were making their way to the Sharon Care Center, a hospital rehabilitation facility, to perform for patients who were unable to make it home for the holidays due to illness or injury.
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