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  • Celebrating Women's History Month

    Head of School Blog, by Jacqueline L. Landry

    I, like many of you, may feel that a month designated to celebrate or commemorate a particular group is not enough.  What about the rest of the year?  Does having a dedicated month set aside instead work against us, trivializing the very group we are advocating for? Being controversial as it may, as leaders and educators of all an all-female institution, we will continue to take full advantage of celebrating the vast array of women’s achievements this month, and for the year ahead.

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  • One of Tiffany Cappellari's '16 Silver Key-awarded pieces,

    Celebrating the Arts at Marymount

    The Marymount Visual and Performing Arts Programs continue to thrive year-after-year, and this academic term is no exception! Our actors, dancers, artists and filmmakers continue to make bold strides in the arts, enjoying many prestigious accolades from both local and national competitions and exhibitions.
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  • Dr. Siegel with Head of School Jacqueline Landry

    Dr. Daniel Siegel Addresses the Importance of Understanding the ‘Essence of Adolescence’ as Part of Our 2016 Marymount Parent Education Series

    On Wednesday, March 2nd, Head of School Jacqueline Landry welcomed over 100 parents from the community to hear Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, renowned psychiatrist at the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, and New York Times bestselling author of Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain, keynote our 2016 Marymount Parent Education Series. During his engaging presentation, Dr. Siegel discussed his research and practical approaches to attain better parental self-awareness, one of the critical factors in determining positive adolescent development and success. Discussing the very real, but sometimes misunderstood, differences between the brain and the mind, Dr. Siegel challenged the audience to consider the additional positive effects that training ones mind can have on the pathways of ones brain, a science known as “interpersonal neurobiology.”  

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  • Menaka G. '16 alongside our extremely talented dancers during this year's Jazz Cafe

    February Happenings

    It’s hard to imagine that February is almost complete as we celebrate leap year today. With another night's sleep, March will be here, and before we know it, spring break will be upon us!
    February may be a shortened month, but at Marymount, it has been full of activities, important milestone days, and accomplishments. Read on for more news and campus activities that have captivated our student body during the month of February, and what’s coming up in March! 

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  • Head of School Jacqueline L. Landry

    The Foodie Revolution

    Head of School Jacqueline L. Landry

    If you were to ask our current students how many of them are interested in the ‘foodie’ culture or watch cooking shows on television, the number of young women who would raise their hands could astound you. With the rise of the culinary explosion has come an influx of new cooking shows, an obsession over novel foods, and the omnipresent multitude of books, magazines and blogs dedicated solely to the art of cooking. All of this adds up to a true revolution in the cultural pursuit and love of cooking, and not only for the adult generation. Gone are the days where all-girls schools require courses in “Home Economics;” where students are taught how to cook their first dinner, how to entertain, how to make a soufflé or a perfect canapé. What has morphed, however, is the drive and opportunity for young women to enter careers where they become entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, chefs, and food industry magnets.   
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