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  • Kristin Klein Keefe '88 shows her talent on the Marymount Volleyball Court

    An Interview with Olympian & MHS Alumnae Kristin Klein Keefe '88

    With a monumental year for the United States in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, Marymount celebrates the women and men who represented our country with their strength, spirit and talent. As the U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team contend for the Bronze medal this weekend, we look back to our own decorated athlete, Kristin Klein Keefe ’88, who competed in 1996’s Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. We caught up with Kristin, whose daughters Caitlin and Michaela both graduated as part of Marymount’s Class of 2016 this past spring, and asked her to reflect on her time here as a Sailor and as a U.S. Olympic Volleyball player. 

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  • The Value of Daydreaming

    Head of School Jacqueline Landry

    I’m sure you all can remember a moment during your childhood years when a teacher gently nudged your spellbound, day-dreaming self, urging you to “pay attention and get your head out of the clouds!” Now imagine how today’s generation of students feel, with their brains hardwired by technology and social media, barely hanging on to nanosecond attention spans and an elusive sense of focus. This causes a twofold challenge for our students, to say the least. First, to stay focused and engaged in class, and second, to somewhere find the time to daydream or get lost in the clouds once in a while. I think that Dr. Michael Bruner, Ph.D., captured this phenomenon best during his 2015 TEDx talk, The Amnesia Industry, saying, “We have moved away from the idea of having our heads in the clouds, but now, instead, have the “Cloud” in our heads!”

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  • Congratulations to the Marymount Class of 2016: “Don’t just lean in, jump off. Take a chance. Change the world.”

    On Friday, May 27th, the broad Marymount community comprised of RSHM Sisters, Board Members, Faculty, Staff, Families, and Friends, celebrated the many accomplishments of the 100 bright young women of the Class of 2016. From writers to activists, actresses to statisticians, and researchers to athletes, these newly minted graduates will join the ranks of over 3,600 Marymount alumnae as they head off to over 60 colleges in 22 states and 3 countries this fall.
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  • One of Tiffany Cappellari's '16 Silver Key-awarded pieces,

    Celebrating the Arts at Marymount

    The Marymount Visual and Performing Arts Programs continue to thrive year-after-year, and this academic term is no exception! Our actors, dancers, artists and filmmakers continue to make bold strides in the arts, enjoying many prestigious accolades from both local and national competitions and exhibitions.
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  • Head of School Jacqueline L. Landry

    The Foodie Revolution

    Head of School Jacqueline L. Landry

    If you were to ask our current students how many of them are interested in the ‘foodie’ culture or watch cooking shows on television, the number of young women who would raise their hands could astound you. With the rise of the culinary explosion has come an influx of new cooking shows, an obsession over novel foods, and the omnipresent multitude of books, magazines and blogs dedicated solely to the art of cooking. All of this adds up to a true revolution in the cultural pursuit and love of cooking, and not only for the adult generation. Gone are the days where all-girls schools require courses in “Home Economics;” where students are taught how to cook their first dinner, how to entertain, how to make a soufflé or a perfect canapé. What has morphed, however, is the drive and opportunity for young women to enter careers where they become entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, chefs, and food industry magnets.   
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