COVID-19 Athletics Update

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COVID-19 Athletics Update

COVID-19 Protocols: 9.13.21
Now that CIF has returned to the regular three seasons of sports, the goal of Marymount High School is to keep our student athletes as safe as possible during these still, very challenging times.
The LACDPH has adopted guidelines for the testing of student athletes, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated. LACDPH also has different testing guidelines for moderate to high-risk sports as well as indoor vs outdoor venues. In addition to the LACDPH guidelines, Marymount High School has adopted guidelines for student athletes when they travel and participate in Marymount athletics.
Currently, the following sports are considered moderate risk; indoor volleyball and tennis (doubles).
Currently, the following sports are considered high-risk; basketball, soccer, water polo, and rowing with more than two people.
A full account of the Marymount Vaccination, Testing, and Quarantine Policies and Protocols can be found on the website through the MyMarymount Portal.
At this time, masks must be worn at all times by athletes, coaches, and spectators during an indoor contest or practice.


The Regular CIF Sports Seasons Return

The Athletics Department is excited to announce that all contests and practices are back for the 2021-2022 school year. We are looking forward to a challenging and fun season for all of our fall student-athletes.


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