Class of 2019 College Acceptances & Matriculations

    • Class of 2018 College Matriculations
We are incredibly proud of our Class of 2019 graduates who were admitted to over 150 college and/or university programs.
Marymount girls are not swayed in following the steps of those before them. Instead, they go through great lengths to seek their best-fit collegiate institutions. These young women tirelessly research not only the right academic fit, but are driven by the community that each institution can provide them.

We are incredibly proud of our Class of 2019 graduates who join the over 4,500 Sailors before them as Marymount Alumnae. Below is a list of acceptances for the Marymount Class of 2019. Numbers in parenthesis represent acceptances to each institution. Every school with a graduate attending is denoted in bold.

College Acceptances

American University (2)
Lafayette College (2)
The University of Texas, Austin (6)
Amherst College
Lehigh University (2)
Trinity College (3)
Auburn University
Lewis & Clark College (3)
Tufts University
Azusa Pacific University
Loyola Marymount University (9)
Tulane University (5)
Babson College
Loyola University Chicago (3)
United States Coast Guard Academy
Bard College (3)
Loyola University New Orleans
University of British Columbia
Barnard College (3)
Macalester College (2)
University of California, Berkeley (9)
Bates College
Marymount Manhattan College
University of California, Davis (3)
Bentley University
Miami University, Oxford (3)
University of California, Irvine (6)
Boise State University
Michigan State University (4)
University of California, Los Angeles (8)
Bond University
Middlebury College (2)
University of California, Merced
Boston College (5)
Mount Holyoke College
University of California, Riverside (3)
Boston University (3)
Muhlenberg College (2)
University of California, San Diego (5)
Brandeis University
Nagoya University
University of California, Santa Barbara (8)
Brown University
New York University (2)
University of California, Santa Cruz (10)
Bucknell University
Northeastern University (5)
University of Colorado at Boulder (9)
California Lutheran University
Occidental College (2)
University of Delaware
California Polytechnic State University,
Otis College of Art and Design
University of Denver
San Luis Obispo (2)
Pace University, New York City (2)
University of Georgia
Carleton College
Pepperdine University (4)
University of Hawaii at Manoa (5)
Carnegie Mellon University (3)
Princeton University
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Chapman University (3)
Principia College
University of Michigan (6)
Clemson University
Providence College
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Colby College
Purdue University
University of New Hampshire at Durham
Colgate University (4)
Reed College
University of New Haven
College of Charleston
Regis University
University of Oregon (10)
College of the Holy Cross (3)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Pennsylvania (4)
Columbia University
Rice University
University of Pittsburgh
Connecticut College (2)
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Portland
Cornell University
Royal Holloway, University of London
University of Puget Sound
Davidson College
San Diego State University (2)
University of Richmond
DePaul University (4)
San Francisco State University (2)
University of Rochester
Dickinson College
Santa Clara University (12)
University of San Diego (8)
Drexel University (4)
Santa Monica College
University of San Francisco (3)
Duke University
Sarah Lawrence College (4)
University of Southern California (7)
Duquesne University
Savannah College of Art and Design
University of Vermont (2)
Emerson College (3)
Scripps College
University of Virginia (2)
Emory University (2)
Seattle University
University of Washington (6)
Fairfield University
Skidmore College (2)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (14)
Fordham University (8)
Sonoma State University
Vanderbilt University
George Mason University
Southern Methodist University (9)
Vassar College (3)
Georgetown University (3)
St. John's University
Villanova University
Gettysburg College
Stanford University
Wake Forest University (3)
Goldsmiths, University of London
Syracuse University (5)
Waseda University
Gonzaga University (3)
Texas Christian University (7)
Washington State University
High Point University
The American University of Paris (3)
Washington University in St. Louis
Hofstra University
The George Washington University (7)
Wellesley College
Howard University (2)
The New School - All Divisions (3)
Wesleyan University
Indiana University at Bloomington (7)
The University of Alabama (2)
West Los Angeles College
Ithaca College
The University of Arizona (2)
Whitman College (2)
Johns Hopkins University
The University of Montana, Missoula
Whittier College
Kenyon College
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The University of Oklahoma