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An Important Announcement from Jacqueline Landry, Head of School

June 2023
Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland
Chair, Board of Trustees
Marymount High School
Dear Michele,
It is an exciting time as we approach the Centennial of Marymount’s founding and reflect on the enduring legacy of the past, while envisioning Marymount's future. Since my arrival at Marymount in 2009 it has been my prayer and my aspiration to bring Marymount through our centenary year while fulfilling the key objectives to propel the School into the next 100 years and beyond. Having accomplished these objectives,  it is with a grateful heart that I inform you of my decision to make this 2023-2024 academic year my final year as Head of School at Marymount. This decision has been the most difficult of my vocational and professional career and in no way belies the tremendous love and respect that I hold for this extraordinary School.
No leader leads alone, and I have been blessed with a truly exceptional team of senior administrators who have worked tirelessly over the years. The faculty and staff at Marymount are parallel to none, and deserve the lion’s share of credit for the progress the School has made especially under the many challenges the last few years have seen. I am deeply indebted to all who make up the Marymount community, the supportive Board of Trustees, amazing students, dedicated faculty and staff, parents, engaged alumnae and Les Anges, and our colleagues in the Global Network of RSHM Schools. I have been blessed and humbled at having had this opportunity to serve a School and community that resonates so deeply with my own core values and that has flourished under the mentoring and care of our RSHM over the years.
We can be proud of all that has been accomplished over these past 15 years together. Ever committed to our RSHM mission and Core Values of leadership, service, and social justice in an increasingly global world, this foundation has enabled, and will continue to enable, the School to flourish into the next 100 years and beyond.   It has allowed us to triple the School’s endowment to safeguard its future, preserve and appropriately grow financial aid, ensure competitive faculty salaries and benefits, institutionalize and advance our lived commitment to DEIJ initiatives, and ensure that the School’s beautiful and historic facilities have kept pace with the education that we are committed to providing, most recently the relocated and reconfigured spaces for science and the visual arts.
I remain fully committed to leading the School throughout this celebratory Centennial Year and am equally committed to do all that I can to assist and ensure a smooth transition for the next Head of School. My gratitude to have had this opportunity and my joy and pride in Marymount are both profound and enduring. I shall take these experiences with me as I embark upon my next chapter, and as retirement awaits. As one of our Alumnae so aptly stated, “Marymount is eternal.” For me, it is eternally in my heart.
With great love and respect, 
Jacqueline L. Landry
Head of School