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    JV Basketball vs NDSO – 1.29.19

    The Sailors head in to their game against NDSO with an undefeated league season on the line. Zoe D. and Xochitl C. both scored 11 points each, but that wasn’t enough to win. NDSO outscored Marymount in two quarters leading to the 27-28 loss. Marymount’s last game is on 1.31.19 vs Crossroads at home. Congratulations on a great season!
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  • JV Soccer vs NDSO – 1.29.19

    In a season with tremendous highs and lows, the Sailors had two games left to play. After a slow start and a 4 game winning streak, the goal was to finish the season with a winning record. Unfortunately, trying a new system got the best of Marymount. Ashley and Lauren R., Chiara T. along with Sarah K. had an excellent defensive game. Every player played a minimum of 20 plus minutes and heads did not drop too much in the 0-5 loss. The Sailors hope to finish the season with a win on 1.31.19 weather permitting.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs NDSO – 1.29.19

    The Sailors traveled to NDSO for their last away league game of the season with sights on winning the Sunshine League championship. Marymount did not disappoint with their 37-30 win. Pulling down an astounding 35 defensive rebounds and 7 blocks, along with 9 assists and shooting 5-7 from the free throw line. Rhiann S. had 16 points, 12 rebounds, and 5 blocks and Jenna R. had 8 points, 13 rebounds, 3 steals and 5 assists. Senior Night is on 1.31.19, Marymount plays Louisville for their last home league game of the season.
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  • JV Soccer vs Chaminade – 1.25.19

    If you ever wanted to watch a game with a team that has heart and fight, this was it, an amazing game and an amazing Team!  After falling behind three times the Sailors worked tirelessly to get back on track. Caitlin D. tied the game at 1-1, Kaelin Y. scored from the pk spot and tied the game 2-2 and with only 3 minutes left on the clock. Drew B. tied the game at 3-3 Peyton B. came away with two assists and it was Sarah K. driving into the box that got the team the pk! Wonderful game for the Sailors. Now its onward to this week’s final 2 games of the season. Final score 3-3.
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  • Varsity Soccer vs Chaminade – 1.25.19

    The Sailors had another excellent performance vs Chaminade. The spectators in attendance witnessed an intense but competitive game, where both teams battled, showing great sportsmanship and integrity. Marymount quickly gained control of the game and kept the opponents at bay, limiting them to a few shots from outside. Even though Marymount showed some nerves in the first half, the team went ahead off of a converted corner kick from Mia R. to Annabelle D. with beautiful header to goal. This is the fourth time this season that Annabelle D. scored with a header directly from a corner kick. 
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  • JV Basketball vs SAMO HI – 1.24.19

    The Sailors had another outstanding offensive game. The team made 50% of their free throws hitting 8-16. 5 players scored 5 points or more and Marymount won 3 out of the 4 quarters. Xochitl C. scored 12 points, Sophie D. scored 9 points. Final score 43-28. The Sailors have 2 games remaining in the season. Traveling to NDSO on 1.29 and at home vs Crossroads on 1.31.19.
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  • JV Water Polo VS NDSO - 1.24.19

    The JV team had a great last game vs NDSO, but lost 9-15. Ashley K. had 7 goals, Banou N. had 1 goal, and Karlie O. had 1 goal. Nathalie E. had 6 steals and along with 4 amazing blocks. Ainsley D. had 2 blocks. Due to fires, rain and other schools not fielding a JV team, the Sailors were unable to play as many games as they would have liked to. However, despite these setbacks, Marymount still showed a lot of spirit and determination giving it their all during the entire season.
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  • Varsity Water Polo vs NDSO – 1.24.19

    The Sailors lost a hard fought game against NDSO, 5-11. Anna F. had 5 steals and 5 blocks. Lizzie R. had 3 steals, Miranda M. had 1 steal and drew a great ejection that led to a goal. Tenley G. had 2 assists, Sophie W. had 5 steals and 1 goal, and Reagan W. had 2 goals, 1 block, and 5 steals. The Sailors start the League Tournament Play at NDSO on 1.29.19.
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  • JV Basketball vs FSHA – 1.22.19

    The Sailors faced a tough FSHA at home on Tuesday. In a back and forth game with each school winning 2 quarters, Marymount ended up coming from behind in the fourth quarter to win 37-31. Zoe D. led the team with 12 points, Ava F. had 8 points. The Sailors are now 5-0 in league and play SAMO HI on Thursday.
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  • JV Soccer vs FSHA – 1.23.19

    A good game for the Sailors in what was a dominating performance possessing the ball vs FSHA. Unfortunately, with over 8 crosses into the box, 6 shots to the keeper and one ball hitting the crossbar, Marymount fell short 0-1. Peyton B. made multiple quality crosses and shots while Sarah K. was outstanding in the back line and Drew B. controlled the midfield. Next game vs Chaminade on 1.25.19
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  • JV Soccer vs Harvard Westlake – 1.22.19

    After a 4 game winning streak, the Sailors had a tough loss against a strong Harvard Westlake team. Marymount was scoreless the first half of the game. However, during the 2nd half the Sailors scored their goal using skills Coach Gary has taught them. Pressing and running off the ball, striking the ball to the goal, and a good passing. Keeper Kalyn M. was outstanding in goal and made sure the game was not a blowout. Final result 1-5.
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  • JV Water Polo vs FSHA – 1.22.19

    The Sailors had an incredible and hard fought game vs FSHA that ended in an 4-11 loss. Sam H. and Banou N. both had a couple of great goals. Ainsley D. had 5 blocks in goal. Next game is against NDSO on 1.24.19.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs FSHA – 1.22.19

    The Sailors came in to Tuesday’s game vs FSHA with an undefeated league record of 5-0 and were determined to continue their winning streak. Despite Nicolette A.’s season and career high 26 points, 6-11 were 3 pointers, 3 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 assists and Jenna R.’s 18 rebounds, 13 points, 8 steals and 5 assists, the Sailors fell short in the end with the 57-63 loss. They are currently 5-1 in league. Next week’s game vs NDSO will determine the Sunshine League basketball title.
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  • Varsity Soccer vs Harvard/Westlake – 1.18.19

    Marymount had a great performance against a really strong Harvard Westlake team. The Sailors only goal was scored by Annabelle D., with a beautiful header off a corner kick by Julia R. Marymount is now 1-2-2 and currently in third place. The next three League games are at Marymount. Come out and cheer the Sailors on to playoffs. 1-4 was the final score.
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  • Varsity Water Polo vs FSHA – 1.22.19

    The bleachers were filled on a sunny senior night after a long week of rain, the Sailors defeated FHSA with a 6-3 win. Reagan W. led the game with 7 steals followed by Nathalie E. in goal with 4 steals and 6 blocks. Tenley G., Toni A. and Reagan W. all scored goals. Next game vs NDSO on 1.24.19.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs Palisades – 1.19.19

    The Sailors played a rare Saturday game vs Palisades High School in the MLK Showcase at Santa Monica College. Defense still dominated Marymount’s game. Against the Dolphins, the team had 20 steals and 30 rebounds. Freshman Rhiann S. grabbed 11 of those rebounds. Senior Jenna R. had 17 points, 7 rebounds, 3 steals and 1 assist. Sophomore Nicolette A. had 14 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 5 steals. Junior Talia K. made 3-4, 3 pointers. Another impressive win. 51-44.
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  • JV Soccer vs Windward – 1.17.19

    With a new coach and slow start to the season, the Sailors have formed a team that is a force to be reckoned with. Currently on a winning streak of 4 in a row, Marymount has displayed another stellar performance on both sides of the ball.
    Outstanding defensive work by Sarah K. helped to steady the team before Peyton B. scored a goal from Dylan D.’s assist. In the 2nd half, Caitlin D.’s determination helped her score on the cross from Peyton B.’s pass. Windward gave everything they had but the Sailors prevailed and went on to win 2-1. After a Holiday weekend break, Marymount plays Harvard Westlake Tuesday, 1.22.19.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs Louisville – 1.17.19

    The Sailors went on the road to face Louisville Thursday night and continue to dominate the defensive game, this time recording an astonishing 30 steals. Jenna R. had 10 steals and Isabella A. had 9. Isabella A. was the leading scorer of the game with 19 points, 3 rebounds, 9 steals and 1 assist. Her sister Nicolette A. had 12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 steals and 3 assists. Congratulations on the 58-35 win and good luck in this weekends MLK Tournament.
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  • Varsity Water Polo vs Alemany – 1.17.19

    Playing two games this week in the cold rain, the Sailors defeated the Alemany Warriors with a score of 9-3. Marymount started out slow, but picked it up finishing the game with intensity. Anna F. scored the first goal of the game all the way from the other side of the pool. Lizzie R., Miranda M., Sophie W., and Reagan W. all had incredible steals that transferred to goals. Audrey H., Ashley K., Kate M., and Lauren S. had some great minutes in the game where they played at a very high level, helping to hold Alemany to only 3 goals. Congratulations.
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  • JV Basketball vs NDSO – 1.15.19

    With a packed gym for a double header game vs NDSO, the fans were not disappointed. In a back and forth game with Marymount winning 2 out of the 4 quarters, Xochitl C. stole the ball with 10 seconds left in the game to score the winning basket for the 30-28 win. Sophie D. led the Sailors with 7 points to help outscore NDSO in the fourth quarter to win the game.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs NDSO - 1.15.19

    The Sailors dominated the defensive game vs NDSO with 18 rebounds and 15 steals. Jenna R. had 10 rebounds and Rhiann S. pulled down the other 8. Jenna R. had another outstanding scoring game with 17 points. Nicolette A. had 12 points, 4 steals and 3 assists. Talia K. made 2-3, 3 pointers. With the 45-40 win, the Sailors are 4-0 in league and go to Louisville on 1.17.19 before they head to the MLK Tournament.
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  • Varsity Soccer vs Notre Dame SO – 1.14.19

    In a performance that will go down in history as an epic battle in the rain from warm-up all the way to the final whistle, Marymount Varsity earned its first EVER Division 1 Mission League win. The first half, NDSO seemed to be in control of the game creating a few chance goals that even with the extreme slippery conditions, keeper Nathalie M. handled without any problems.
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  • JV Soccer v Alemany – 1.11.19

    The Sailors held steady in the 1st half absorbing wave after wave of Alemany’s attacks before counter attacking with close misses from Malia C. and Ava F. The second half was a different story for Marymount as Caitlin D. was back in the front line tormenting Alemany with her speed and skills. Gaining a penalty kick Kaelin Y. slotted right in the goal. Caitlin D. scored the second goal on a fantastic ball from Dylan D. Lauren R. had a strong defensive game while Kalyn M. put the keeper gloves on for the shut out 2-0 score.
    Three wins in a row for the Sailors! Congratulations.
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  • JV Basketball vs FSHA – 1.10.19

    Returning from winter break and playing back to back to back games, the Sailors proved that they have the stamina and poise needed to play against any opponent. Marymount traveled on Thursday to FSHA for their 3rd league game. Zoe D. led the Sailors in scoring with 20 points and Sophie D. had 7 points. Marymount won 3 out of the 4 quarters. In the 3rd quarter the team held FSHA to only 3 points for the 36-22 win. The Sailors are 3-0 in league and face Notre Dame Sherman Oaks at home on Tuesday.
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  • JV Basketball vs Rosemead, 1.9.19

    The Sailors played the 2nd of their 3 games this week against Rosemead. After losing the first game of the season, their only loss, the Sailors remain undefeated and continue to show their opponents that their offensive game is unstoppable. Seven of the nine Sailors scored at least 1 basket. Zoe D. and Sophie D. each had 10 points. Next is a league game on 1/10/19 against FSHA. Congratulations Sailors on the impressive 43-4 win vs Rosemead.
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  • JV Water Polo vs Louisville – 1.10.19

    After a long break between games and playing for the first time after their huge win against Temple City, the Sailors were ready to get back into the pool. Playing away at Louisville for Marymount’s first league game, the Sailors played hard. Grace D. lead the game with steals in addition to great passing from Sam H., one which led to a goal from Emma C., Ainsley D. had blocks and a couple steal.It was a tough game for the Sailors and one they narrowly lost by 2 – 7. Nonetheless, the coaches were proud of the way they played. Next game is vs Alemany on January 17.
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  • Varsity Water Polo vs Louisville, 1.10.19

    The Sailors began league play this week and in their second game they faced Louisville. Sophie W. led the game with 5 steals. Tenley G. assisted Toni A. in an amazing back door goal and Nathalie E. in her first Mission League appearance as goalie was the team’s leading blocker with 5. The Sailor’s won 11-6 and are now 2-0 in league play.
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  • JV Soccer v Chaminade – 1-9.19

    After trailing the entire game, the Sailors showed tremendous heart and a fighting spirit claiming a 4-3 victory against Chaminade. In a furious last 15 minutes to the game, Kaelin Y. scored an amazing 3 goals and Ava F. scored off a great cross shot from Peyton B. Chiara T. had her best game of the season. The central defensive partnership of Chiara T., Drew B. and Sarah K. were one of the main components to the great comeback win.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs FSHA – 1.10.19

    The Sailors dominated the defensive game vs FSHA with 37 rebounds, 8 blocks, 15 steals and 18 offensive assists. Jenna R. had a season high 10 assists, 12 points, 8 rebounds, 5 steals and 2 blocks. Rhiann S. had 14 points, 19 rebounds, 3 steals, 5 blocks and shot 6-8 from the free throw line. Sophomore Nicolette A. added another 16 points, 2 rebounds, 4 steals and 4 assists for the 56-41 win. The Sailors won 56-41 and are now 3-0 in league and face Notre Dame Sherman Oaks on Tuesday.
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  • Varsity Basketball vs IHHS – 1.8.19

    Coming back home to play after their 3rd Place finish in the Gold Division of the Gator Valley Tournament, the Sailors faced IHHS for the 3rd time this season. The Sailors never let up against IHHS. Isabella A. had 21 points, 3 rebounds, 6 steals, 7 assists and was 3-4 from the field. Her sister Nicolette A. had 15 points, 1 rebound, 3 steals and 3 assists. Rhiann S. and Alyanna S. were perfect from the free throw line. Marymount won 66-31 and face FSHA on Thursday.
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  • Varsity Soccer vs Chaminade – 1.9.19

    The Sailors go on the road for the second time this week to face Chaminade. Jackie M. scored the opening goal with assists by Francesca D. and Julia R. Chaminade’s tying goal was scored at the beginning of the second half off a corner kick. The game was very balanced and a great battle between the two teams. Chaminade and Marymount each had chances to take the lead, but neither team prevailed ending in a 1-1 tie. Standout performances by Nathalie M., with 8 saves and Alex M. who anchored the defense for the whole game. Marymount is now 0-1-2 in League.
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  • JV Basketball vs IHHS, 1.8.19

    With almost a 3 week break between games, the Sailors were ready to play their second league game vs IHHS in this early season. Defense was a huge part of the team's 28-15 win, keeping IHHS to under 6 points in 3 quarters. Leading the way offensively, Zoe D. and Xochitl C. had 8 points each which helped to outscore IHHS 3 out of the 4 quarters. With this win, the Sailors are currently 2-0 in league and 8-1 for the season.
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  • Varsity Soccer vs FSHA – 1.7.19

    Returning from Winter Break and playing on a rainy first day back to school, Marymount showed a great team performance despite several players being absent. The Sailors battled the whole game against Division I powerhouse Flintridge Sacred Heart. Marymount scored early with a beautiful shot 30 yards out from Mia R. assisted by Myers R. Marymount kept pressing high and aggressively. Nathalie M. saved a couple of chances but FSHA finally tied the game with a shot from the outside with one minute to go in the first half.
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