Celebrating the Sisterhood of our Sailors with Capping & Pinning

“Be kind to each other, appreciate each other, and celebrate everything about each other. These girls will always be your Sailor Sisters, and you’ll always find one another in your hours of need.”
These are words that Ms. Laura Arenstein ‘01, Marymount’s Associate Director of Admission, and 2001 Sailor graduate, concluded with as she addressed the 370 young women who make up the Marymount student body on Monday’s beloved annual Capping and Pinning Ceremony. This day, which serves as the official initiation of our Freshmen class to Sailor Sisterhood, and our Sophomores’ final year as underclassmen, celebrates the unity between classmates from all grades – a true Marymount family that carries on throughout our Sailor’s lives.
Before the ceremony, students heard from Samantha J. ’20, ASB Student Body President. “Freshmen, let your cap remind you of the grace of your Marymount family which will always guide and support you.” Samantha said. “Sophomores, wear your pin as a sign of the personal growth you have experienced thus far as a Sailor as you continue to mature into strong and prideful leaders.”
“I encourage you to relish in the beauty of this phenomenal Marymount tradition, for this will be a memory that will stay with you far beyond your high school years.” Samantha urged prior to introducing Head of School Jacqueline L. Landry.
After Mary C. ’20 delivered a special prayer, Ms. Landry further spoke of the special bond that will leave an indelible mark on the lives of our students as they navigate through their high school careers and beyond.
“Your experiences matter,” Ms. Landry said. “We are Sailor Strong no matter how rough life gets, and we recognize what is truly important in life: our core essence that we are called to live every day.”
The ceremony concluded with Freshmen happily tossing their caps to the sky – marking the first of lifelong memories of the enduring power of sisterhood.