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Mary's Day Prayer Service Celebrates the Class of 2020

For nearly 100 years, Marymount has been celebrating our Mother Mary. As a community of faith, founded by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, we gather each year to bless our graduating Seniors to signify the next chapter of their academic and personal journeys. On Wednesday, May 6, this special rite of passage was celebrated, albeit virtually, with students alongside their parents and loved ones.
Religious Studies teacher Ms. Theresa Thibodeaux began the service by asking all in attendance to light a candle as a symbol of unity for our community during this time of celebration. Head of School Jacqueline Landry followed with a welcome. 

“There is no time more than this that we need the loving grace of our Mother Mary -- her compassion, her wisdom, her courage, her steadfastness -- her holding each of us close to her heart in prayer, love, forgiveness, embrace and celebration,” Ms. Landry shared. 

“Today we celebrate everyone, but especially our seniors, who for four years have worked so hard. The love of our Mother is eternal, and it will buoy you through the celebrations and challenges ahead.”

Following a gospel reading, three seniors provided their reflections, beginning with Mary C. ‘20. 

“We, as the Class of 2020, are called to reflect on our own journeys as Marymount students,” Mary shared. “We are called to accept our fates as global advocates, engaged citizens, and beacons of compassion and fortitude in this ever-changing world.”

Taylor T. ‘20 reflected about her classmates, referring to them as “artists, explorers and leaders.” These women have grown to understand one another’s extraordinary and multi-faceted strengths by watching one another perform, speak, and achieve. 

Gigi L. ‘20 recalled the tree they collectively constructed during their Senior Retreat which was placed in their Religious Studies classroom as a reminder for all that they have accomplished and all they will become. 

“The tree was present with us everyday in the religion classroom,” Gigi said, “and although we can’t see it now, whenever we see a tree, be reminded of the great power of community that stands behind us, giving us both roots and wings, as we move into wherever life calls us to be.”
In a poignant tribute to the individuals who impacted their high school experience, all 108 members of the Senior class offered words of gratitude to the friends, teachers and staff members that left an indelible mark during their four years at Marymount. 

Together, led by our grade-level advisors, the community raised their hands to bless the members of the Class of 2020. 

“God of our beginnings, 
We thank you for the gifts of these graduates
Their excitement, their awesome wonder and curiosity, 
their open speech and encouraging words. 
Their contributions have blessed and challenged us, 
and we have become a richer and more diverse community because of them.” 

Although we were not together to bless the Seniors in person, this emotional service brought our community closer through prayer, appreciation and our students’ shared ability to overcome adversity. 

As ASB President Sam J. ‘20 eloquently stated, “Marymount has truly called and challenged each of us to become the best versions of ourselves. The motto of the RSHM, ‘that all may have life, and have it to the full,’ has served to inspire us in everything we do and in who we will continue to become.”