Los Presidentes de los Países Hispanohablantes

Students in Spanish 4 classes have been hard at work on an annual project - Los Presidentes de los Países Hispanohablantes. The project is an intensive cross-departmental collaboration between Spanish and MakerSpace classes.
Students select a Spanish-speaking country and find an image of the country's president. Using vector design in Adobe Illustrator, students create a graphic representation of the president that is cut out of 1/8" plywood using CO2 laser cutters. The end result is then stained. Students prepare an oral presentation and a written report highlighting their president.

During the oral presentation, students show their finished graphic representation of their president to the class. The oral presentation then focuses on their Spanish-speaking country, the flag associated with the country, and their president. The written report details their president's early life, education, and path to presidency. The project is meant to introduce students to the Spanish-speaking world and become familiar with its various leaders.

Well done to all students and faculty members Mr. Skrentny and Senora Gibson.