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From The Head of School

As I begin my eighth year as Head of School at Marymount, and with my previous work at Harvard University, I’ve learned that students who are graduates of all-girls schools are truly distinct.  There is no match for the self-awareness, confidence and poise these girls exude in their day-to-day lives.  It is a gift many of our alumnae tell us they continue to use in the board room, on stage and in their efforts to better the world around them.
At the beginning of each school year, I love to hear the first cadence of laughter reverberate in the hallways as our girls return to campus.  Laughter, happiness and exuberance are not small things in a learning environment, especially in light of recent media emphasis on adolescent stress, particularly in girls.
While our students are being challenged at a high level of academic rigor and their track records of achievement are truly remarkable, it is our adherence to the long-standing RSHM core values that creates a much-needed sense of balance and "breathability" in day-to-day life at Marymount.

We live this through our focus on wellness, both physical and mental, encouraging our students to explore new passions outside of the traditional academic classroom setting, respecting the developmental needs of our girls.  Our rotating block schedule enhances learning while reducing the hundreds of hours of homework found in the traditional school model.  Our "Period 9" program gives students an extra block of time during the school day to pursue a myriad of academic and non-academic offerings.  Research proves that girls flourish with this strong support system, and I am confident that each of these remarkable young women will discover her best self during her time at Marymount. 

We've been teaching girls for over 90 years and know why educating the “whole person” matters so much.  We meet every girl just as she is when she walks through our doors - with her own set of strengths, talents and passions.  We work to help her build a foundation as a leader and as a woman with "a seat at the table," promoting change and good for the world, in whatever future path she chooses.

My hope is that as you peruse the pages of this website, you will find a true sense of the Marymount essence - our girls, our culture and the environment we are committed to promoting each day. Through this, I hope that you not only see your daughter as a Marymount student, but more importantly, as the woman she will someday become. 

Jacqueline L. Landry
Head of School