• Marymount High School

What kind of girl excels at Marymount? Every kind.

Marymount girls come from more than 70 zip codes and more 80 feeder schools across the greater Los Angeles area. They are thinkers, scientists, writers, leaders, athletes, artists, advocates and friends. 

Who does she become? A leader armed with confidence.

After graduation, Marymount alumnae attend top-tier, diverse colleges and universities all over the world. From there, they take the passions developed at Marymount and enter professions as varied and numerous as the alumnae themselves.

Lelosa Aimufua '16

President, Women of the World Club; Student Service Board Leader; Retreat Leader; Student Ambassador; Inspiring Boldness Team; CAP Choir

"The faculty and staff at Marymount always push me to be my best, and they also provide me with the support system to do so. They want us to learn to be independent, and they are very deliberate in helping each of us to find our own path to success. Marymount is building me up to be a strong, independent woman who can take on the world."

Daniela Taplin Lundberg '94

Founder, Partner, Producer, Red Crown Productions
New York, NY

"Being at Marymount, I was, quite simply, happy. I always felt comfortable and was surrounded by teachers and friends who constantly put an emphasis on being a good person. At Marymount, I learned to be fearless and never to be afraid of being a leader. There were countless opportunities for me to to take control and find my voice, which has ultimately shaped my career as a film producer and entrepreneur."

Valory Banashek '17

Retreat Team Leader; Cross Country Team; Model United Nations; Campus Ministry; Student Ambassador; Robotics Team; National Art Honor Society

"Marymount has helped me to gain confidence and has taught me that there is no limit to what girls can do!  We all come from different places but we are here for the same reason: to become successful women of the future.  There are so many opportunities that teach us to claim our ground while working cooperatively with others and maintaining our poise.  I am so thankful to be reminded consistently that I am my own person, and that my opinion matters."

Margy Slattery '07

Associate Editor, Politico Magazine
Washington, DC

"Small class sizes and excellent teachers encouraged us to think collectively and individually; this environment allowed an intellectual experience that is hard to beat. Combined with its outward-looking, globally minded roots and mission, Marymount pushed me to truly open my mind to the world outside; this is something I will always value."

Kat LoScalzo '16

Co(de)Literate, Robotics Team; Editor for The Anchor; Archery Team; Retreat Team Leader; Founder, CyberSailors, Marymount's CyberPatriots Club

"Being a student at Marymount has helped to open my eyes to the extremely unbalanced ratio of men to women in STEM. Since I've realized this, I have become a strong advocate of women’s participation in STEM. Through the implementation of CyberPatriot at Marymount, I hope to increase women’s representation in STEM and to stabilize the unequal gender ratio."

Remy Landon '12

Student, Emory University, Dual Degree in Environmental Science and M.P.H., Environmental Health
Atlanta, GA

"Marymount taught me to fully invest myself in my classes in order to truly enjoy the overall learning process.  My experience in AP Environmental Science and the Environmental Club at Marymount sparked my passion and directly influenced my decision to purse an MPH degree in Environmental Health.  Although my academic load at Emory is challenging, Marymount taught me many good work habits and writing skills that have been invaluable to me in my college experience!"