• Marymount High School

Service Learning at Marymount

The commitment to social justice and service learning is an integral part of Marymount’s philosophy and mission and is infused throughout the curriculum. We seek to practice service learning in the way we treat one another in our school community as well as in the way we interact with our community at large. The Campus Ministry Team regularly organizes and advertises community service opportunities that are open to all students.  In addition, each grade undertakes a significant service-learning project.

  • Grade 9:  Works to help support families involved with "A Place Called Home" (http://www.apch.org/).
  • Grade 10:  Works with staff at "A Place Called Home" to plan and implement their spring health and garden fair.
  • Grade 11:  Selects a service organization and learns about their programs, gaining an understanding of their mission and how they live it, putting in service hours at that organization, and presenting their experience at our annual Kingdom Fair in the winter.
  • Grade 12:  Continues their work with projects that focus on human rights, with a special attention on women and children throughout the world.

The focus in each grade builds a comprehensive program that takes a student through different levels of service, starting with a focus on the individual and the family in grade 9, coordinating a program-wide event in grade 10, gaining an understanding of how a service organization works in grade 11, and culminating in a focus on global human rights in grade 12.