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  • Noel E. '19

    Intern at USC Viterbi School of Engineering's SHINE Program (Summer High School Intensive in Next-Generation Enginnering)
    "Working in Dr. Smith’s Environmental Engineering laboratory has been the best summer of my life. Though this program, I have learned how to conduct scientific laboratory research under the guidance of a PhD candidate, Stephanie Gee. I went through the scientific process of reading other’s findings, drawing my own hypothesis, designing my own experiment, conducting it, and then communicating my findings.

    I found the experience especially exciting because I had the chance to apply the knowledge I learned in the classroom in a real-world scenario! Most of my research was focused on utilizing analytical chemistry and different microorganisms to improve energy recovery from wastewater systems.

    Before this experience, I knew I loved biology and chemistry. This internship has opened my eyes to many different career pathways one can take with those interests, in addition to making it clear that I want to pursue research in whatever career I take part in.

    The attitude of sustainability around the office was contagious. I have found a passion of promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle and I look forward to sharing it with my friends in the Marymount community."