College Counseling

Who says the college application process has to be stressful? Not us.
We’ve developed a four-year comprehensive counseling model that works. With our approach, students and their families have plenty of time to plan, prepare, and apply.

  • In the first-year, we encourage students to stay open and engage in high school, laying the foundation for their academic record, co-curricular involvement, and overall Marymount experience. This way their pursuits are more authentic and personal, not just fashioned for a college application.

  • Sophomore year is for exploration: of the self, interests in and out of class, leadership opportunities, and the variety of collegiate learning environments. Students are introduced to different types of colleges and learn what schools look for when evaluating potential to contribute and succeed on campus.

  • As juniors, students identify their personal successes and preferences in a college; they begin to search out institutions which will complement their strengths, values and culture, develop a college list and brainstorm the beginnings of an application.

  • Senior year is all about applying and deciding; meetings with students and their families focus on telling their unique story in a compelling and authentic way; deciding where to attend is well thought out and intentional.

In each leg of the journey, Marymount College Counseling is there every step of the way.  Our track record speaks for itself. Marymount students regularly receive multiple offers of admission to nationally recognized colleges and universities globally.
    • Talin Nathalie and Philip "PJ" Petrone, Co-Directors of College Counseling

Marymount’s College Counseling Programming by Grade-Level

At Marymount, our comprehensive four year college counseling program is designed to provide students and their families with ample time to plan for college, while fostering a strong relationship between students and their dedicated college counselor. Starting in their first year, each student is assigned a college counselor that will guide them for the next four years. Below is a year by year synopsis of what to expect each year in our college counseling program at Marymount:

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  • First-Year

    The first semester for every student will revolve around the transition into high school and ensuring students are fully engaged in their studies and extracurricular activities at Marymount. This will lay the foundation for their academic record and co-curricular involvement to be more authentic and personal, not just pursuing these opportunities for a college application. Students are assigned their college counselor beginning their second semester, connecting them with a college counselor early on in their high school career who can help them with scheduling, summer programs, and advice on the college process.

    Programming for First-Years:
    -College Night for First-Year Parents
    -College Counselor assigned by early February
    -College Money Method Session

  • Sophomore Year

    As students begin their second year at Marymount, we encourage them to focus on exploring new areas, both in and out of the classroom. Students are encouraged to seek leadership opportunities and explore different collegiate learning environments. They will gain insights into different types of colleges and learn what institutions look for when evaluating potential contributors to campus life. College Counseling continues to work with Sophomores as they start to take more rigorous courses and have more involvement on campus. We host workshops, help them learn about new internships through our SAILL program, summer programs, and volunteer opportunities that are best suited for them as individuals. 

    Programming for Sophomores:
    -Diagnostic ACT
    -Standardized Testing Night
    -College Counseling Advisory Meeting
    -College Night for Sophomore Families
    -Individual Junior Course Scheduling
    -Spring Break College Tour
    -College Money Method Programming

  • Junior Year

    Students will begin to work even more closely with college counseling at this point, including our College Counseling course, CAPE (College Admissions Process and Enrollment) which continues into senior year. During this class we will continue the process of searching for institutions that align with a student’s strengths, values, and preferences. Developing a college list and initiating the application process become key focuses during this stage. Junior year is when students will begin to meet with our college representatives on-campus, as we will welcome over 100 colleges and universities from across the nation and world to meet in-person with our juniors and seniors. During their spring semester, we also allow students time off to explore universities in person, to be able to attend open houses and other opportunities hosted by the colleges. We generally host a spring break college tour for our Sophomores and Juniors, depending on student interest.

    Programming for Juniors:
    -College Night for Junior Parents
    -College Visits on Campus
    -Diagnostic ACT
    -Standardized Testing Night
    -Introductory Individual College Meetings
    -CAPE – College Counseling Class (6 sessions in Spring)
    -College Night for Junior Families
    -Spring Break College Tour
    -Individual Senior Course Scheduling
    -Family College Meetings
    -College Money Method Programming

  • Senior Year

    The summer before senior year, as well as the academic year, is dedicated to the application and decision-making process. At this point, we know the students quite well, where a student and family feels very comfortable to approach us with questions and scheduling times to meet. These meetings with students and their families range from many topics, but are generally centered around finalizing college lists, application strategy, refining college essays, and continued conversations about where a student will enroll after receiving all offers of admission. Our goal is to support students in making well-informed choices for their academic journey beyond high school.

    Programming for Seniors:
    -Set Sail College Application Workshop
    -College Night for Senior Parents
    -CAPE– College Counseling Class (5 sessions in Fall)
    -University of California Application Workshop
    -Ongoing individual meetings, application/essay review, and personalized strategy sessions
    -College Money Method Programming

An Individualized Approach

Every Marymount student engages in not only a rigorous academic and active co-curricular program, but also a thorough and individualized personal development program. 

Our College Counseling, Advising, Human Development and Spiritual Life programs give students the tools needed to thrive on a psychological, emotional and interpersonal level, and these curricula evolve year-after-year to meet the particular needs of students at that time. 

Upcoming Parent and Family College Counseling Events

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  • Spring 2024

    March 7 at 6:30 pm via Zoom 
    College Money Method: Comparing Offers and Considering Appeals

    March 18 at 6:30 pm via Zoom 
    College Money Method: How to Search for Outside Scholarships in Senior Year
    April 16 at 7:00 pm in the Digital Resource Center
    First-Year and Sophomore Family College Chat

    April 17 at 6:30 pm via Zoom
    College Money Method: Writing Effective Essays for Scholarship Multiple Applications

    May 8 at 6:30 pm via Zoom 
    College Money Method: Navigating the New System of College Pricing and Financial Aid

    May 15 at 6:30 pm via Zoom
    College Money Method: Outside Scholarships: What to Expect and Strategies for Success
    Tuesday, August 6 - 9:00AM - 3:00PM
    Wednesday, August 7 - 9:00AM-3:00PM
    Set Sail - Senior College Application Workshop

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Meet Our College Counseling Team

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