College Counseling

Who says the college application process has to be stressful? Not us.
We’ve developed a four-year comprehensive, counseling model that works. With our approach, students and their families have plenty of time to plan, prepare and apply. Our track record speaks for itself. Our seniors regularly receive multiple offers of admission to nationally recognized colleges and universities globally.

Our students get accepted to:

Marymount’s College Counseling Philosophy By Grade-Level

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An Individualized Approach

Every Marymount student engages in not only a rigorous academic and active co-curricular program, but also a thorough and individualized personal development program. 

Our College Counseling, Advising, Human Development and Spiritual Life programs give students the tools needed to thrive on a psychological, emotional and interpersonal level, and these curricula evolve year-after-year to meet the particular needs of students at that time. 

Upcoming Parent College Counseling Events

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  • Spring 2020

    Renegade Case Studies
    Thursday, April 30th at 6:30pm, Marymount High School 
    This is a mandatory event for all juniors and at least one parent.

    Identify, dissect and discuss what a college application consists of and which pieces matter more than others. In a highly recognized and anticipated annual event, Marymount teams up with Milken Community High School, Wildwood School, Archer School for Girls, and over 60 college admission officers from around the country for an evening of spirited conversation and interesting insights. Student and parent groups will be led through an exercise simulating a college admission committee. The evening ends with a college fair representing all the colleges participating.  This year’s event will be hosted by Marymount on our campus. 

    Participation by all Junior families is expected.
    Be sure to bring the “case studies” (to be posted on SCOIR) either in print or electronic form (on a computer or tablet) with you to Marymount on April 30th.
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Meet Our College Counseling Team

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  • Adrian Skrentny

    Director of Design Engineering and Academic Data
    310.472.1205 x 205
    [email protected]