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At Marymount, we believe our athletics programs help young women develop skills that nurture the intrinsic qualities and values of sportsmanship.  We also believe that honesty, diversity, and integrity create the core foundation of a Marymount student-athlete. Marymount Athletics provides each student with the opportunity to work with a team toward a common goal that shapes an athlete’s character and strengthens her moral development. Our athletics programs not only provide a student with these opportunities but it prepares her to compete successfully at the next level, collegiately and in life. The confidence achieved through success in attaining one’s individual goals is demonstrated in young woman’s poise, maturity and compassion.
A young woman who feels good about herself also accepts others more readily and is consequently more willing to reach out and assist her fellow women and men.  It is our goal for our students to demonstrate Christian love with a strong sense of justice in all of their endeavors, showing kindness, joy, self-discipline and perseverance.  We wish all of our athletes great success while remembering that “When the Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game.” –Grantland Rice
Liz Driscoll
Athletics Director

Sailor Strong News

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  • JV Basketball vs Bishop Conaty – 1.14.20

    JV Basketball traveled to Bishop Conaty to play a non-league game. Sophie D. led the Sailors with 22 points. Xochitl C. scored 14 points. The team celebrated 42 rebounds. Great game all around. Sailors win 46-27.
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  • JV Soccer vs IHHS – 1.15.20

    With only 13 players, JV Soccer had a great team performance against IHHS.
    Sophia V. had 2 goals, Sydney B. had 1 goal, Taylor S. had 1 goal, Keira C. had 1 goal
    and Lauren R. scored her first goal ever! Aside from the great goals scored and the creative passing off of the ball, the Sailors were a 1st class team today. Final score 6-0.
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  • Varsity Water Polo vs Louisville – 1.14.20

    Varsity won 13-9 against Louisville. Emma C. had 11 blocks. Lizzie R. had 2 goals, 4 assists, and 1 steal. Lily F. had 3 goals. Tenley G. had 2 goals and 1 steal. Molly C. and Ashley K. had 1 goal and 1 steal. Sophie W. had 3 blocks, 1 goal, 4 assists, and 4 steals. Regan W. had 3 goals, 1 assist, and 3 steals. Congratulations Sailors!
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  • JV Basketball vs FSHA – 1.9.20

    JV played a home game against FSHA in front of an enthusiastic crowd cheering the Sailors on. As a team, Marymount had 11 steals, made 15 free throws and won the 4th quarter 10 points to 8 points. Sophie D. led the Sailors with 10 points. Marymount lost the game to a strong FSHA team 23-38.
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  • JV Basketball vs IHHS – 1.6.20

    The JV Basketball Team started their league season on Monday, after the holidays with a win vs Immaculate Heart HS. Marymount had 15 steals and for two quarters, the Sailors kept IHHS under 4 points. Sophie D. led the Sailors with 10 points. Emma K. scored 6 points. It was a great start to a promising season. Sailors win 25-19.
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