The Arts

Performing Arts

A true appreciation and practical knowledge of the arts sharpens ones understanding of the human condition, helping to improve communication within and between cultures.

Marymount Girls love to perform.

Over one-quarter of all girls at Marymount take part in our Conservatory Arts Program (Acting, Choir, Orchestra, Dance), bringing together students as one unified arts community, encouraging the artistic process of creativity, intellectual curiosity and exploration. There are so many ways to take center stage here, from concerts and plays to musicals and dance shows, from jazz cafés to drama competitions. And on our campus, there’s always a willing audience!

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most renowned performing artists. Our girls not only attend local plays and performances, but also get artistic inspiration and practical direction from many of our local mentors, teachers, and performers.

Conservatory Arts Program (CAP)

The Conservatory Arts Program (CAP) brings together Marymount Music, Dance, and Theater under one banner as a unified arts community. CAP students rehearse during office hours which occur during the school day.  CAP exists to provide a nurturing space where ALL students can participate in the performing arts.