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Campus Expansion

The decade began in excitement with the unveiling of the Terry Leavey Lemons ‘57 Pavilion. Later, in 1987, the Marian Hall Library was completed, transforming the realm of academia. Thousands of volumes of books were painstakingly relocated from the old library, H-9, to this new building, which not only housed an extensive collection but also accommodated computer labs and classrooms.
    • Sisters Colette, Eileen and Celine at the Marion Library Dedication

Updated Look

In this era, the uniform was updated, transitioning from navy blue jumpers to khaki or blue herringbone skirts, complemented by burgundy or navy sweaters and vests. This shift in attire reflected a contemporary sensibility while upholding the sense of unity and cohesion the student body had grown to rely on.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

The campus also experienced the growth and evolution of student clubs and leadership structures, embodying the dynamic spirit of the Marymount community as it adapted to the changing times. The traditional events of the song contest and prom queen campaigning gradually faded into the annals of campus history, while other time-honored customs such as Capping and Ringing remained as popular as ever.