Alumnae Athletes

2017 Graduates Playing on College Teams

Haley Kortekaas, Wake Forest University* (Volleyball)
Krystyna Maruszko, Caltech University (Volleyball)
Lexie Freund, Bowdoin College (Volleyball)
Sarah Allman, Villanova University* (Volleyball)
Yurika Boyd, Yale University* (Volleyball)
Lindsey McAllister, MIT* (Cross Country and Track)
Ruby Lightbourn, Bates College (Volleyball)
Lauren Douglas, Dartmouth University* (Volleyball)
Grace O., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo* (Tennis)
Brooke Redington, Stanford University* (Soccer)
Taylor Villante, Georgetown* (Rowing)

* Indicates Division I School

Marymount in the NCAA: Full list

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  • 2016

    Hanna Klein, University of Notre Dame* (Volleyball)
    Morgan Williams, Fordham University* (Volleyball)
    Lauren Gurbach, Columbia University* (Volleyball)
    Lelosa Ailmufua, Swarthmore University (Volleyball)
    Michaela Keefe, Stanford University* (Volleyball)
    Caitlin Keefe, Stanford University* (Volleyball)
    Charlie Robinson, UC Santa Barbara* (Volleyball)
    Abby Keith, University of Wisconsin* (Rowing)
    Pascale Williams, IMG Academy (Soccer)
    Lindsay Kornfeind, Hobart & William Smith Colleges (Soccer)
    Maire Burschinger, College of the Holy Cross (Swim)
    Kristen Soh, Dartmouth College* (Golf)
    Emma Shapland, Brown University* (Gymnastics)
  • 2015

    Kelly Byrne, University of Notre Dame* (Volleyball)
    Grace Campbell, UC Berkeley* (Beach Volleyball)
    She Decker-Jacoby, Brandeis University* (Volleyball)
    Olivia Rodberg, UC Berkley* (Beach Volleyball)
    Catherine Shepherd, Dartmouth College* (Volleyball)
    Kyra Smith, Cal State Fullerton* (Volleyball)
    Tyler Spriggs, University of Arizona* (Volleyball)
  • 2014

    Sommer Denison, Swarthmore College (Soccer)
    Kaleigh Homstad, UC Davis* (Soccer)
    Alexandra Marmureanu, Texas Tech* (Soccer)
    Katja McKiernan, Macalester College (Soccer)
    Renee Meyer-Whalley, University of Washington* (Volleyball)
    Melissa Schem, USC* (Rowing)
    August Silver, Bates College (Volleyball)
    Michall Singleton, Claremont University (Soccer)
    Brooke Stroyke, Clemson University* (Rowing)
  • 2013

    Victoria Shepherd, Yale University* (Volleyball)
    Nikki Obel, Stanford University* (Sailing)
    Victoria Jasuta, Williams College (Volleyball)
    Kathleen Harris, Colgate University* (Volleyball)
    Natalie Gigg, USC* (Soccer)
    Christine Urquhart, Middlebury College (Basketball)
    Chandler McGrath, Bates College (Volleyball)
    Kaitlyn Edwards, University of Wyoming* (Volleyball)
    Maxx Tanklage, Brown University* (Rowing)
    Florence Turiaf, Hamilton College (Basketball)
    Ashlie Williams, Georgetown University* (Volleyball)
    Carly Wagenbach, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Mary "Mimi" Paz, Bowdoin College (Sailing)
  • 2012

    Lauren Greskovics-Fuller, University of Arizona* (Volleyball)
    Manon Greskovics-Fuller, University of Virginia* (Volleyball)
    Mary Frances Hock, Boston College* (Volleyball)
    Christine Irvin, USC * (Beach Volleyball)
    Caitlin Homstad, Bryn Mawr College (Track & Soccer)
    Martine McCarthy, Bucknell College* (Water Polo)
    Atlanta Moye-McLaren, Columbia University* (Volleyball)
    Shannon O’Neill, Claremont McKenna College (Softball)
  • 2011

    Megan Blank, University of Iowa* (Softball)
    Taylor Bantle, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Morgan Thomas, St. John’s University* (Volleyball)
    Hayley DiNaso, Baylor University* (Equestrian)
    Anne Duval, UC Berkeley* (Crew)
    Caroline Workman, University of Wisconsin, Madison* (Volleyball)
    Hayley Schultz, Claremont McKenna College (Softball)
    Morgan Markarian, Bucknell University* (Volleyball)
    Aleksandra Martinovic, University of the Pacific* (Water Polo)
  • 2010

    Jennifer Bonilla, University of Illinois* (Volleyball)
    Mary Carls, UC Irvine* (Volleyball)
    Angelica Chaghouri, UCLA* (Volleyball)
    Meghan Costopoulos, Boston College* (Crew)
    Samantha Hirschmann, USC* (Volleyball)
    Michelle Lo, Occidental College (Basketball)
    Maya Macpherson, Cal. State University, Fullerton* (Volleyball)
    Emma Pastore, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Allison Sabol, University of Michigan* (Volleyball)
    Jenna Scilacci, UCLA* (Volleyball)
    Danielle Shepherd, University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    India Watne, University of Montana, Missoula* (Soccer)
  • 2009

    Keeley Abram, University of Connecticut* (Volleyball)
    Casey Moynagh, UC Berkeley* (Crew)
    Mattison Quayle, University of Connecticut* (Volleyball)
    Sarah Tuggy, Pomona College (Water Polo)
  • 2008

    Alex Ayers, Northwestern University* (Volleyball)
    Amy Newman, Connecticut College (Volleyball)
    Kayla Wilson, University of Rhode Island (Volleyball)
    Samantha Selsky, Santa Clara University* (Volleyball)
    Celeste Wise, University of Pennsylvania* (Crew)
    Katie Costopoulos, Villanova University* (Water Polo)
  • 2007

    Jessica Shannon, UC Berkeley* (Crew)
    Kelly Irvin, University of Virginia* (Volleyball)
    Bryn McCarthy, Connecticut College (Soccer)
    Gizelle Pera, Claremont McKenna College (Softball)
    Madison Wojciechowski, University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    Cristen Drummond, University of Nevada* (Soccer)
    Megan Tryon, University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    Ali Hoffman, Washington University* (Volleyball)
  • 2006

    Maureen Bannon, United States Miltary Academy (at West Point)* (Volleyball)
    Monica Cody, Swarthmore University (Soccer)
    Molly McRosky, University of Connecticut (Soccer)
  • 2005

    Kerry Hance, University of Michigan* (Volleyball)
    Kaitlin O’Reilly, Tufts University (Volleyball)
    Erin Thompson, St. Mary’s College* (Volleyball)
    Sue Carls, Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Taylor Carr, Washington State University* (Soccer)
    Birdie Bartholomew, Indiana University, Bloomington* (Crew)
    Jennifer Giraldin, Kansas State University* (Equestrian)
  • 2004

    Sandy Barbut, Dartmouth College* (Volleyball)
    Elizabeth Cale, Oregon (Volleyball)
    Jamie Kaufman, High Point University* (Volleyball)
    Stesha Selsky, University of Michigan* (Volleyball)
    Kristin Whalley, Boston College* (Volleyball)
  • 2003

    Elizabeth Cvitan, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Jenna Dykstra, Davidson College* (Volleyball)
    Virginia Levanas, Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Erin Ogilvie, Trinity College (Volleyball)
    Melissa Schickler, Gonzaga University* (Volleyball)
  • 2002

    Carrie Frash, Miami University* (Volleyball)
    Rachel Greenberg, Santa Clara University* (Volleyball)
    Haley Jorgensborg, UCLA* (Volleyball)
    Terren O’Reilly, Yale University* (Volleyball)
    Mikey Roberts, George Fox University (Volleyball)
    Evan Shoop, Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Caralyn Thomason, Penn State* (Volleyball)
    Margaret Young, Miami University* (Volleyball)
  • 2001

    Christina Hinds, College of William and Mary* (Volleyball)
  • 2000

    Cassie Bryan, Columbia University* (Volleyball)
    Molly Healy, Georgetown University* (Volleyball)

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