Alumnae Athletes

2023 Graduates Competing in College

Lauren Brooker University of California, San Diego (Volleyball)
Julia Capps University of California, Berkeley (Beach Volleyball)
Dior Charles Wake Forest University (Volleyball)
Torrey Stafford University of Pittsburgh (Volleyball)
Catherine Maffei New York University (Volleyball)
Lexi Trapani Santa Clara University (Volleyball)

Sailors in the NCAA: Full list

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  • 2022

    Kelly Belardi - Stanford* (Volleyball) 
    Kerry Keefe - Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Julia Nickl - Texas Christian University (Equestrian)
    Charlotte Rasmussen - Amherst College (Volleyball)
    Elia Rubin - Stanford* (Volleyball)
    Rhiann Sheffie - Cal State Long Beach* (Volleyball)
    Megan Verbiest - University of Southern California* (Volleyball)

    * Indicates Division I School
  • 2021

    Elise Keith - University of Wisconsin* (Rowing)
    Caroline Altergott - Colgate University* (Volleyball)
    Rachel Cuneo - UC San Diego (Rowing)
    Caitlin Donovan - UC Santa Cruz (Track & Field) 
    Leah Kelly - Harvard University* (Rowing)
    Kate Kilroy - Pepperdine University* (Volleyball)
    Maggie Kornfeind - Bates College (Soccer)
    Kate Kortekaas - Bates College (Volleyball)
    Amanda Leinbach - UC Irvine* (Volleyball)
    Nicole Martinez - University of Chicago (Volleyball)
    Karlie O’Loughlin - Chapman University (Water Polo)
    Grace Regenstreif - University of Rochester (Soccer)
    Anna Swisher - Emerson College (Soccer)
    Carlisle West - Hamilton College (Lacrosse)

    *Indicates Division I School
  • 2020

    Caitlin Coward - University of Wisconsin* (Rowing)
    Kendall Fisher - University of Notre Dame* (Rowing)
    Marisse Turner - Cal State Fullerton* (Volleyball)
    Devin Waddell - Cornell University* (Softball)
    Reagan Whitney - UC Berkeley* (Water Polo)
    Amara Aimufua - UC Davis* (Volleyball)
    Anabelle Daly - Wake Forest University* (Volleyball)
    Olivia Mack - Baylor University* (Soccer)
    Ava O’Connor - Amherst College (Volleyball)
    Sophie Wazzan - Indiana University* (Water Polo)
    Lucia Perez-Saignac - Brown University* (Cross Country)

    *Indicates Division I School
  • 2019

    Camryn Carfino - Colgate University* (Volleyball)
    Olivia Devereaux - Carnegie Mellon (Volleyball)
    Caroline Douglas - University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    Skye Embray - Trinity College (Track & Field)
    Taylor Fourticq - University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    Grace Frohling - University of San Diego* (Volleyball)
    Sarah Fry - Princeton University* (Rowing)
    Charlotte Fuller - United States Coast Guard Academy (Rowing)
    Jacqueline Kortekaas - Amherst College (Volleyball)
    Devon Newberry - UCLA* (Beach Volleyball)
    Ava Prunier Herman - Gonzaga University* (Track & Field)
    Emma Sainsbury-Carter - Bond University (Surf Lifesaving / Open Water Swim)
    Emi Smith - UC Irvine* (Soccer)

    *Indicates Division I School
  • 2018

    Emery Beacom - Oberlin College (Volleyball)
    Jennifer Burke - Bucknell University* (Volleyball)
    Sydney Dutton - Colgate University* (Diving)
    Hareena Johnson - Trinity College (Volleyball)
    Cameron Kahn - Wesleyan University (Swimming)
    Giovanna Martins - UC Snata Cruz (Volleyball)
    Emma Moffet - Dartmouth College* (Volleyball)
    Brooklyn Morera - Academy of Art University (Soccer)
    Ananda Smith-Taylor - George Washington University* (Rowing)
    Malina Yago - Brown University* (Soccer)

    *Indicates Division I School
  • 2017

    Haley Kortekaas, Wake Forest University* (Volleyball)
    Krystyna Maruszko, Caltech University (Volleyball)
    Lexie Freund, Bowdoin College (Volleyball)
    Sarah Allman, Villanova University* (Volleyball)
    Yurika Boyd, Yale University* (Volleyball)
    Lindsey McAllister, MIT* (Cross Country and Track)
    Ruby Lightbourn, Bates College (Volleyball)
    Lauren Douglas, Dartmouth University* (Volleyball)
    Grace O., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo* (Tennis)
    Brooke Redington, Stanford University* (Soccer)
    Taylor Villante, Georgetown* (Rowing)

    * Indicates Division I School
  • 2016

    Hanna Klein, University of Notre Dame* (Volleyball)
    Morgan Williams, Fordham University* (Volleyball)
    Lauren Gurbach, Columbia University* (Volleyball)
    Lelosa Ailmufua, Swarthmore University (Volleyball)
    Michaela Keefe, Stanford University* (Volleyball)
    Caitlin Keefe, Stanford University* (Volleyball)
    Charlie Robinson, UC Santa Barbara* (Volleyball)
    Abby Keith, University of Wisconsin* (Rowing)
    Pascale Williams, IMG Academy (Soccer)
    Lindsay Kornfeind, Hobart & William Smith Colleges (Soccer)
    Maire Burschinger, College of the Holy Cross (Swim)
    Kristen Soh, Dartmouth College* (Golf)
    Emma Shapland, Brown University* (Gymnastics)
  • 2015

    Kelly Byrne, University of Notre Dame* (Volleyball)
    Grace Campbell, UC Berkeley* (Beach Volleyball)
    She Decker-Jacoby, Brandeis University* (Volleyball)
    Olivia Rodberg, UC Berkley* (Beach Volleyball)
    Catherine Shepherd, Dartmouth College* (Volleyball)
    Kyra Smith, Cal State Fullerton* (Volleyball)
    Tyler Spriggs, University of Arizona* (Volleyball)
  • 2014

    Sommer Denison, Swarthmore College (Soccer)
    Kaleigh Homstad, UC Davis* (Soccer)
    Alexandra Marmureanu, Texas Tech* (Soccer)
    Katja McKiernan, Macalester College (Soccer)
    Renee Meyer-Whalley, University of Washington* (Volleyball)
    Melissa Schem, USC* (Rowing)
    August Silver, Bates College (Volleyball)
    Michall Singleton, Claremont University (Soccer)
    Brooke Stroyke, Clemson University* (Rowing)
  • 2013

    Victoria Shepherd, Yale University* (Volleyball)
    Nikki Obel, Stanford University* (Sailing)
    Victoria Jasuta, Williams College (Volleyball)
    Kathleen Harris, Colgate University* (Volleyball)
    Natalie Gigg, USC* (Soccer)
    Christine Urquhart, Middlebury College (Basketball)
    Chandler McGrath, Bates College (Volleyball)
    Kaitlyn Edwards, University of Wyoming* (Volleyball)
    Maxx Tanklage, Brown University* (Rowing)
    Florence Turiaf, Hamilton College (Basketball)
    Ashlie Williams, Georgetown University* (Volleyball)
    Carly Wagenbach, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Mary "Mimi" Paz, Bowdoin College (Sailing)
  • 2012

    Lauren Greskovics-Fuller, University of Arizona* (Volleyball)
    Manon Greskovics-Fuller, University of Virginia* (Volleyball)
    Mary Frances Hock, Boston College* (Volleyball)
    Christine Irvin, USC * (Beach Volleyball)
    Caitlin Homstad, Bryn Mawr College (Track & Soccer)
    Martine McCarthy, Bucknell College* (Water Polo)
    Atlanta Moye-McLaren, Columbia University* (Volleyball)
    Shannon O’Neill, Claremont McKenna College (Softball)
  • 2011

    Megan Blank, University of Iowa* (Softball)
    Taylor Bantle, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Morgan Thomas, St. John’s University* (Volleyball)
    Hayley DiNaso, Baylor University* (Equestrian)
    Anne Duval, UC Berkeley* (Crew)
    Caroline Workman, University of Wisconsin, Madison* (Volleyball)
    Hayley Schultz, Claremont McKenna College (Softball)
    Morgan Markarian, Bucknell University* (Volleyball)
    Aleksandra Martinovic, University of the Pacific* (Water Polo)
  • 2010

    Jennifer Bonilla, University of Illinois* (Volleyball)
    Mary Carls, UC Irvine* (Volleyball)
    Angelica Chaghouri, UCLA* (Volleyball)
    Meghan Costopoulos, Boston College* (Crew)
    Samantha Hirschmann, USC* (Volleyball)
    Michelle Lo, Occidental College (Basketball)
    Maya Macpherson, Cal. State University, Fullerton* (Volleyball)
    Emma Pastore, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Allison Sabol, University of Michigan* (Volleyball)
    Jenna Scilacci, UCLA* (Volleyball)
    Danielle Shepherd, University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    India Watne, University of Montana, Missoula* (Soccer)
  • 2009

    Keeley Abram, University of Connecticut* (Volleyball)
    Casey Moynagh, UC Berkeley* (Crew)
    Mattison Quayle, University of Connecticut* (Volleyball)
    Sarah Tuggy, Pomona College (Water Polo)
  • 2008

    Alex Ayers, Northwestern University* (Volleyball)
    Amy Newman, Connecticut College (Volleyball)
    Kayla Wilson, University of Rhode Island (Volleyball)
    Samantha Selsky, Santa Clara University* (Volleyball)
    Celeste Wise, University of Pennsylvania* (Crew)
    Katie Costopoulos, Villanova University* (Water Polo)
  • 2007

    Jessica Shannon, UC Berkeley* (Crew)
    Kelly Irvin, University of Virginia* (Volleyball)
    Bryn McCarthy, Connecticut College (Soccer)
    Gizelle Pera, Claremont McKenna College (Softball)
    Madison Wojciechowski, University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    Cristen Drummond, University of Nevada* (Soccer)
    Megan Tryon, University of Pennsylvania* (Volleyball)
    Ali Hoffman, Washington University* (Volleyball)
  • 2006

    Maureen Bannon, United States Miltary Academy (at West Point)* (Volleyball)
    Monica Cody, Swarthmore University (Soccer)
    Molly McRosky, University of Connecticut (Soccer)
  • 2005

    Kerry Hance, University of Michigan* (Volleyball)
    Kaitlin O’Reilly, Tufts University (Volleyball)
    Erin Thompson, St. Mary’s College* (Volleyball)
    Sue Carls, Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Taylor Carr, Washington State University* (Soccer)
    Birdie Bartholomew, Indiana University, Bloomington* (Crew)
    Jennifer Giraldin, Kansas State University* (Equestrian)
  • 2004

    Sandy Barbut, Dartmouth College* (Volleyball)
    Elizabeth Cale, Oregon (Volleyball)
    Jamie Kaufman, High Point University* (Volleyball)
    Stesha Selsky, University of Michigan* (Volleyball)
    Kristin Whalley, Boston College* (Volleyball)
  • 2003

    Elizabeth Cvitan, Brown University* (Volleyball)
    Jenna Dykstra, Davidson College* (Volleyball)
    Virginia Levanas, Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Erin Ogilvie, Trinity College (Volleyball)
    Melissa Schickler, Gonzaga University* (Volleyball)
  • 2002

    Carrie Frash, Miami University* (Volleyball)
    Rachel Greenberg, Santa Clara University* (Volleyball)
    Haley Jorgensborg, UCLA* (Volleyball)
    Terren O’Reilly, Yale University* (Volleyball)
    Mikey Roberts, George Fox University (Volleyball)
    Evan Shoop, Duke University* (Volleyball)
    Caralyn Thomason, Penn State* (Volleyball)
    Margaret Young, Miami University* (Volleyball)
  • 2001

    Christina Hinds, College of William and Mary* (Volleyball)
  • 2000

    Cassie Bryan, Columbia University* (Volleyball)
    Molly Healy, Georgetown University* (Volleyball)

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