The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual arts provide one of the purest, most universal forms of communication. Visual Artists study, record, explore, question, express and attempt to change the world around them, they reflect on the human experience past to present, in infinite ways.
Marymount Visual Arts Students study, practice, question, find solutions, and create original art and design projects that they can be proud of and use in a portfolio.
Students can work within a Studio Art track with Painting, Drawing, Ceramics and Sculpture, a Visual Media track with Photography, Film and Graphic Design and or our Maker track with Architecture and Product Design, using our makerspace technology.

Our program offers the Foundations of Art and Design, assignment driven “real world” problem solving, context and history, as well as the joy and freedom to make creative choices and grow as an artist.

Minimum requirement:  3 semesters of Art required for MM graduation 
2 in sequence for UC requirements