The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual arts provide one of the purest, most universal forms of communication. Visual Artists study, record, explore, question, express and attempt to change the world around them, they reflect on the human experience past to present, in infinite ways.
Marymount girls don't just appreciate art; they make it. Drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, digital design, and wearable art—we give our girls the freedom and space to explore their own artistic visions. And for inspiration, we take them on excursions to some of the area’s most prominent museums and galleries, like the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History and the Broad Museum. Every girl takes at least two years of visual or performing arts courses during their time at Marymount.

Courses Offered

Studio Arts I
Studio Arts II
Advanced Studio Arts A Honors
Advanced Studio Arts B Honors
Visual Media I: Photography
Visual Media II: Photography and Film
Digital Filmmaking
Advanced Digital Filmmaking Honors
AP Studio Art: 2D Design
AP Studio Art: 3D Design
Graphic Design and Yearbook Publication
Advanced Graphic Design and Yearbook Publication
Art History A: Renaissance Art
Art History B: Abstract! Beginnings – Picasso to Pollock
AP Art History