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In the Words of Our Alumnae


For generations, Marymount High School has produced women armed with knowledge, skills, character and confidence to succeed and lead in whatever life calls them to do. There is no greater affirmation of our work than the amazing women whose success began at Marymount.

Alumna of the Year Award

The Alumna of the Year Award was established in 1977 to recognize outstanding graduates of Marymount High School who embody the strength of character and spiritual values emphasized at Marymount. 

The honor of Alumna of the Year is awarded to a graduate who: 
  • Is devoted to the principles of Christian womanhood and community service, acting as a role model for current students and future graduates of Marymount High School.
  • Has achieved excellence in her personal life and/or in the professional world

Victoria Sork '69 was the recipient of the 2018-19 Alumna of the Year Award.

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  • Alumna of the Year Award Recipients

    Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead ‘65
    Alice O’Neill Avery ‘34 †
    Nora Sterrin Bird '88
    Elvira Wilkinson Blanchard ‘68 
    Millicent Hearst Boudjakdji ‘57 †
    Georgene Wukojevich Boyd ‘52
    Mary McRoskey Byrnes ‘70
    Raven Case ‘65
    Cammie King Conlon ‘52
    Alison Cornyn '83
    Julia Stearns Dockweiler ‘35 †
    Mary Simpson Ebright ‘73
    Buckley Schinto Farina '95
    Sarah Tilton Fries ‘56
    April Gillette-Fields ‘74
    Kristi Pado Funk '87
    Margaret Grant Gregg ‘33
    Cris Gutierrez ‘73
    Gretchen Hailer RSHM '59
    Mariska Hargitay ‘82
    Retta Jitner '81
    Karen Kelley ‘64
    Jo Ann Spillane Klein ‘65
    Elaine Bailey Malouf ‘59
    Kathleen Leavey McCarthy ‘53
    Mary Jane Buchenau McQueen ‘48 †
    Michelle Melanson '71
    Elizabeth O’Keefe RSHM ‘52
    Mimi Foley O’Keefe ‘59
    Margo Leonetti O'Connell '60
    Barbara Cosgriff Overland ‘62
    Angelique L'Amour Pitney '82
    Anne Weber Porteous ‘47 †
    Jane Sarture '79
    Jacqueline Shirley ‘56
    Marina Valenzuela Smith ‘49 †
    Susan Wright Strader ‘61
    Victoria Sork '69
    Alyce Sexton Talboy ‘54
    Betty Brittingham Tegart ‘65 †
    Susan Cain Tellem ‘63 
    Mary Margaret Schaefer Welker ‘47
    Loretta Wu Wong ‘62 †

Service to Marymount Award

The Alumna Service to Marymount Award honors and recognizes Alumnae who have volunteered extraordinary service to Marymount, and who have shown a dedication and commitment to Marymount and the RSHM tradition long after their graduation. 

Katie Low Anderson '00 was the recipient of the 2016-17 Alumna Service to Marymount Award.

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  • Alumna Service to Marymount Award Recipients

    Katie Low Anderson '00
    Katrina Bisetti '99
    Carolene Ryan Bookman '77
    Georgene Wukojevich Boyd '52
    Terry O'Berry Cabot '56 †
    Jonna Veitch Carls '78
    Verginia Reardon della Santina '58
    Margaret Daily Given '66
    Monica Mahoney-Adler '83
    Kathleen Roach McRoskey '73 
    Maggie Melanson Molinare '80
    Eileen Roach Ogilvie '73
    Jill Buffano Petty '59
    Inna Poncher '70
    Jennifer Quail '73
    Monica Weil Schrade '55
    Michele Velasco Trout '83 
    Mimi McPhee Wood '65