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By the 2021-2022 school year, activities returned to campus, albeit with stringent Covid-19 measures in place. Constant testing protocols and quarantine parameters were diligently enforced to ensure the health and safety of all individuals on campus.


In 2020, the global Covid-19 pandemic compelled the community to adopt precautionary measures, leading to a widespread Shelter in Place directive. Consequently, the faculty, staff, and student body of Marymount swiftly transitioned to online learning and remote work arrangements. 

The graduation ceremonies in 2020 were modified in accordance with the social distancing protocol, featuring a processional arrangement of students within their respective family vehicles and an online ceremony, while the commencement events in 2021 embraced a restricted audience format. 

Looking Ahead

In accord with the school's commitment to academic excellence, several Centennial Objectives were implemented on campus. 

The Science and Visual Art Programs underwent a strategic relocation to the refurbished Butler and Cantwell Halls, respectively and the Marymount Endowment made it their goal to reach $23,000,000.
The Varsity Volleyball Team emerged as the 2022 National Champions.
The Margo Leonetti O'Connell '60 Students Advancing in Internship, Leadership, and Learning (SAILL) Program has grown, and allows 70+ Marymount students to have access to experiential learning in a variety of fields every summer.

Today & Everyday

As an institution committed to progress and growth, Marymount continues to evolve in response to the ever-changing times. The school remains attentive to the needs and aspirations of its students, recognizing that they are at the forefront of shaping the future. By following their lead, Marymount endeavors to stay current, innovative, and responsive to emerging trends and challenges, ensuring that its students receive a dynamic and forward-thinking education.