A New World

As the realm of academia evolved for women, Marymount students diligently partook in a diverse range of classes including government, current events, stenography, sciences, languages, and the arts.

The athletics program grew as Marymount engaged in competitions with other local schools. Students participated in various sports such as volleyball and tennis during the fall, basketball and swimming in the winter, and softball in the spring.


The spirited Field Day continued in full swing, featuring both class and individual competitions, with one of the highlights being the beloved Song Contest, in which each class composed four songs and performed them in front of an enthusiastic audience of the campus community, hoping to be declared the champions.

New Tradition

By 1959, Marymount's student body consisted of 207 young women. The engaging tradition of capping gained popularity, during which the Seniors capped the Freshmen as their “Little Sisters.”