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Campus Development

Marymount Junior College relocated to Palos Verdes, CA, granting the High School unrestricted access to the entire campus. Boarders on campus moved to the second floor of Butler hall from the Administration Building, and students attended classes in the basement of Cantwell Hall.


Emptiness is not despair
But a range of feelings
That can change
Happiness to helplessness
And leave our feelings bare.

 Pat Kana ‘65
Following the harrowing events of the Cuban Missile Crisis, deliberations were reignited regarding the potential need for using the Marymount trunk room as a bomb shelter, underscoring the prevailing concerns of the Cold War era. A little over a year later, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas. In the wake of his death, the students united to publish a special edition of the Marvita school newspaper to collectively mourn and express their grief at the national tragedy.


Demonstrating a parallel evolution, Marymount's sports teams and the RSHM Sisters experienced significant changes in this era. The Marionettes adopted a new mascot as the Sailors, mirroring how, after the Second Vatican Council, the RSHM Sisters transitioned from titles like Madame or Mother to Sister, and traded their traditional habits for everyday street attire.