Independent and Catholic: the Marymount Difference

Marymount is an Independent and Catholic school. This means we can offer what other schools can’t—a mission-driven, ethical education rooted in the highest academic standards. We welcome all faiths at Marymount and place an essential focus on helping young women develop a strong moral compass.

As a Catholic school, we build on centuries-long, rich tradition of academic excellence, adding a distinctive layer of spiritual development through retreats, regular student Liturgies, and Masses, a broad four-year study of Theology, and a strong commitment to serving underrepresented populations. As an Independent school, we uphold the highest standards of college preparatory curriculum, bringing outstanding faculty, a well-resourced academic program, individualized attention and cutting-edge technology to our students.

Students come to us from an array of parochial, independent, charter and public schools. Like our home state of Southern California, Marymount is bursting with cultural diversity! Our girls truly reflect the wonderfully diverse population of our region—in geography, ethnicity, and religious background.

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  • Marymount is 1 of 19 Global Network of RSHM Schools

  • 59% of families self-identify as Catholic

  • 18 different faiths and religions represented

  • Over 30 languages are spoken by our students and faculty