Alumnae Reunion Weekend

Please note that Reunion is still being decided. We are hoping to have some kind of Reunion in early June. We would like to celebrate alumnae whose class years end in 0, 1, 5, and 6, at this year's Reunion. We are hoping to be able to offer some in person programming (but cannot guarantee that we will be able to due to COVID restrictions).

Reunion weekend provides a great opportunity for alumnae to reunite with classmates and teachers and to reminisce on our beautiful and historic campus. Marymount is especially grateful to those reunion alumnae who make a special gift to the Marymount Scholarship Fund in honor of their reunion year. Gifts can be made securely online through our Online Giving Form.

Reunion Weekend 2021 - Details!

Those in classes ending in "0" and "5" will be honored this year alongside fellow alumnae classes ending in "1" and "6" in June.

Alumnae of the Year Award Nominations

Alumnae, members of Les Anges, and Marymount faculty are eligible to nominate a candidate for the Alumna of the Year Award. Recipients of the Alumna of the Year Award are selected by the Alumnae Council and approved by the Head of Marymount High School.

Members of the Alumnae Council are not eligible for the Award until one year after the completion of their term. The award is presented at the Alumnae Reunion every year.

If you would like to nominate an alumna for this award, please download the Alumna of the Year Nomination form

You may return the form to Marymount High School by email to [email protected] or fax at (310) 440-4309.  You may also mail the form to the Marymount High School Alumnae Relations Office.

Honored Years

Class of 2016:  5th Reunion

Class of 2011:  10th Reunion

Class of 2006:  15th Reunion

Class of 2001:  20th Reunion

Class of 1996:  25th Reunion
Class of 1991:  30th Reunion

Class of 1986:  35th Reunion

Class of 1981:  40th Reunion

Class of 1976:  45th Reunion

Class of 1971:  50th Reunion

Class of 1966:  55th Reunion

Class of 1961:  60th Reunion

Class of 1956:  65th Reunion

Class of 1951:  70th Reunion

Class of 1946:  75th Reunion

Class of 1941:  80th Reunion