Strong Teams Deserve Great Facilities

Marymount girls have access to some of the best athletic facilities in the region. Thanks to our generous donors and partners, our Sailors practice and compete at an impressive array of fields, courts, pools, boathouses and more.

List of 10 items.

  • The Terry Leavey Lemons Pavilion

    Sports: Basketball, Volleyball
  • Bel Air Country Club: Course, Courts and Field

    Sports: Soccer, Golf, Softball, Track & Field, Cross Country
  • Aquatics Facilities

    Sports: Swimming, Water Polo
  • UCLA Marina Aquatic Center

    Sports: Rowing
  • Hansen Dam Equestrian Center

    Sports: Equestrian
  • Rancho Park, Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation

    Sports: Cross Country, Golf
  • Cheviot Hills Tennis Center

    Sports: Tennis
  • Campus Weight Room

  • Softball Facilities

  • Athletic Training Room