Student Life

Spiritual Life

Every girl, no matter her background, deserves a quality education. This principle is at the heart our spiritual heritage.
Marymount was founded in 1923 by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) to be the premier all-girls Catholic school in the West. We believe in fostering and embracing spirituality in each student, however she may define it. In a world where faith can divide, we are shaping thoughtful, compassionate leaders with a keen sense of responsibility to the common good.

Through regular student liturgies, Masses, a four-year Theology curriculum, class retreats, and a strong commitment to serving underrepresented populations, our girls are transformed into ethical leaders and global advocates throughout their four-years at Marymount.

Class Retreats

Each year, at the beginning of the second semester, Retreat Week serves as an opportunity to step back from the demands of daily life to take time to pray and deepen one’s faith, to rekindle friendships and build community within each grade, and to reflect on goals and intentions for the year ahead. This program, a cornerstone of our Spiritual Life curriculum, changes the course of a student’s sense of community and formulation of identity, essential developmental and spiritual building blocks for all adolescents.
During retreat week, our class formed an unbreakable bond, connecting with one another through discussions, and team-building exercises…we are no longer just a group of girls who are friends and confidants working together for a better education: now we are family."
– Christina F. ‘18

Freshmen Retreat

During freshman year, retreat kicks off a student’s Marymount experience with a focus on prayer, group sharing, reflection and building relationships with her class. The girls join together on campus for a variety of confidence-building and bonding activities so that they can begin feeling the comfortable transition into their high school experience.

Sophomore Retreat

The sophomore retreat program broadens the definition of “community” from the “Marymount family” to the broader Los Angeles area. This retreat serves as an eye-opening introduction to service, and is designed to help students understand poverty in our world, to reflect on God’s presence in those who are underserved, and reflect on the themes of social justice, service and empathy.

Junior Retreat

As juniors embark on the pivotal transition to upperclassmen, it is essential for them to take time to reflect on their personal goals and identity, as well deepen their faith and friendships. The junior retreat provides students with the opportunity for rest, reflection, prayer, and bonding through a three-day off-campus program.

Senior Retreat

As the culminating experience for our Sailors, students are guided through a three-day off-site retreat that has them exploring questions around what their legacies will be as they carve their paths into the future, as well as what gifts they will contribute to the wider world as they embark on their journeys outside of Marymount.

Campus Ministry

Made up of a leadership team consisting of teachers, sophomores, juniors and seniors, Marymount’s Campus Ministry Team promotes and organizes spiritual and service events throughout the school. Our team leaders meet on a weekly basis to cultivate spiritual life through school masses, social justice activities and other projects throughout the school year.

Program Director

Micaela Plummer

Director of Campus Ministry
[email protected]
(310) 472-1205 x 526