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  • Update from the Head of School Search Committee

    May 2024
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  • Head of School Position Description

    April 12, 2024
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  • Head of School Search Survey

    March 6, 2024
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  • Advisory Committee for the Head of School Search Named

    February 13, 2024
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  • An Update from the Head of School Search Committee

    February 9, 2024
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  • Announcement Re: Head of School Search

    December 18, 2023
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  • Announcement Re: Interim Head of School

    August 14, 2023
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  • Letter to the Marymount Community from the Board of Trustees

    August 2023
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  • An Important Announcement from Jacqueline Landry, Head of School

    June 2023
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  • What is the role of the Board of Trustees in the search?

    The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring a fair, inclusive and rigorous search process for the next Head of School. 
  • Why conduct a search at all? 

    The Board believes it is essential for the integrity of the search process and its decision regarding the hiring of the next Head of School that we engage in a national search that follows the principles of best practices established by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). It is the Board's fiduciary responsibility to hire a new Head of School in keeping with long-term strategic objectives.
  • What is the role of the search committee? 

    Appointed by the Board of Trustees, the search committee oversees all aspects of the search process. They work closely with our consultants, gather data and feedback, interview candidates and offer recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees ultimately makes the final decision for the appointment of the next Head of School.
  • What is the role of Educational Directions? 

    Educational Directions is our search consultant firm. They will guide, advise and support the search committee during the entire process.Our consultants, Mathew Heersche and Risa Oganesoff Heersche, will visit Marymount to learn more about our community and hear from our various stakeholders. Mathew and Risa will reach out to many candidates, including those from their extensive network of highly qualified Catholic administrators from around the country.Candidates whom they believe have the desired qualifications will be submitted to the search committee for their review.The search committee, in collaboration with Educational Directions, will determine which candidates they want to invite to interview in person.
  • What is the expected timeline of the search? 

    We expect that the search for the permanent head will be completed by the fall of 2024 and that Marymount’s new Head of School will begin their term in July 2025.
  • How can members of the Marymount community offer their feedback? 

    Members of the Marymount community will have the opportunity to connect with our search professionals when they conduct their school visit for the permanent head search, as well as through an online survey which will be provided at the time of the school visit. This will take place in the spring of 2024.
  • What was the process for selecting an interim head of school?

    The Executive Committee of the Board evaluated the leadership needs of Marymount at this juncture in its history and in the context of the centennial celebration. The committee determined it would be best to select an interim who is well known to the community and who has the skills to manage this role. This will minimize disruption to the overall operations of Marymount.
  • What is the role of the interim head of school? Is it different from the permanent head of school? 

    An interim head of school typically serves one and possibly two years. While overall management of the school and daily operations for the interim head mirror the responsibilities of the permanent head, the priorities and approach of an interim are uniquely different. Given the shorter tenure for the interim head, they are generally focused on more immediate tasks and shorter-term goals. Often these may be bringing to fruition initiatives already underway or addressing pressing needs to help position the school to welcome and support the new permanent head. It is unlikely that an interim Head would launch significant strategic projects - these would fall to the permanent head.
  • What about the timing for the search for the permanent Head of School? When will it begin and how long will this process take?

    Marymount will engage in a thoughtful search and well-planned transition over the coming two years. Preparations are currently underway to launch the search for the permanent Head of School which will begin in the spring of 2024. We anticipate the following timeline: 
    • Engagement with various constituencies of the community fall 2023 through spring 2024 • Position posted spring 2024
    • Interviews Summer 2024-Spring 2025
    • Start date July 2025
  • What if I know someone who may be interested? 

    Interested candidates should contact our search consultants Risa Oganesoff Heersche at [email protected] or Mathew Heersche at [email protected]. Risa and Mathew will maintain confidentiality throughout the process.
  • Will internal candidates be considered? 

    Interested internal candidates should contact our search consultants Matthew and Risa. They will maintain confidentiality throughout.
  • What if we don’t find an exceptional candidate? 

    If we don't find an exceptional candidate, we have the option to extend the search as needed. This is one reason why we are starting the search process so early: It will afford us options and flexibility.
  • What is the best way to be involved and stay informed throughout this process? 

    • Attend the meetings with the search consultants and participate in the online community survey when it goes live 
    • Regularly check the MHS website for updates from the search committee available on the Head of School Search webpage at https://mhs-la.org.
    • Meet candidates and provide feedback in the finalist round
  • What if I have additional questions? 

    Feel free to contact the search committee with questions at [email protected].

Head of School Search Committee:

Rita Tuzon
Former Board Chair (2021-2023)
Trustee Emerita
Search Committee Chair

Dr. Laura Tokuza Arenstein ‘01

Director of Enrollment & Community Outreach

Dr. Brenda Stevenson Cones
Alumna Parent

Dr. Michele Cooley-Strickland
Board Chair
Alumna Parent

Damon Fisher
Alumna Parent

Rose Helm

Diana Hernandez ‘02

Sister Margaret McKenna, RSHM
Faculty Member

Colleen McCarthy Pennell ‘89
Current Parent
Alumnae Parent

Art Rasmussen
Current Parent
Alumna Parent

Father Mark Villano, CSP

Julie Whittell
Academic Dean
Alumnae Parent

Shannon Stein Wickstrom ‘90
Alumna Parent