What Is Your Creative Passion?

Every girl has the opportunity to be an actor, singer, dancer, artist, filmmaker and musician at Marymount—and they aren’t afraid of the spotlight. Our Sailors shine in regional drama competitions, arts exhibitions, concerts, and shows. It’s exciting to watch as they earn prestigious accolades from both local and national arts organizations for their bold creative spirit. Marymount girls have ideas and passion, and they aren’t afraid to express them through art.
The Arts at Marymount allow all girls to express themselves in a new and creative light, allowing for self-discovery, innovation, and growth.

Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Conservatory Arts Program (CAP)

The Conservatory Arts Program (CAP) brings together Marymount Music, Dance, and Theater under one banner as a unified arts community. CAP students rehearse during office hours which occur during the school day.  CAP exists to provide a nurturing space where ALL students can participate in the performing arts.

Arts Events

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  • DTASC Drama Competitions

    Marymount student actors compete and often place against 70 other schools throughout Southern California in dramatic and comedic scenes and monologues. In spring, actors compete focusing on the works of William Shakespeare.
  • Marymount Players Fall Play

    Student cast, crew and production assistants work together to present an all-female play every fall. Workshops led by Los Angeles theater professionals inspire our girls through the intense rehearsal process.
  • Winter Concert & Arts Showcase

    This lively event features a visual arts exhibition and festive performances by singers, dancers, actors and instrumentalists in a celebration that ignites the season for the Marymount community. As many as one hundred creative girls take part!
  • Cabaret Night

    Mid-winter blues disappear with the sights and sounds of our talented artists. This exciting evening features a potluck dinner, music from Marymount musicians and singers, and colorful performances by dancers and actors.
  • Marymount Players Spring Musical

    Our annual spring musical attracts a large cast and crew from all over the school. It’s amazing to see Cantwell Hall transformed into magical sets, drawing sold out audiences for one of the biggest theatrical events of the season!
  • Spring Arts Festival

    Spring comes alive as Visual and Performing Arts students invite audiences to view their work. The evening features performances and exhibitions of painting, ceramics, photography, film, dance, acting and music visible across the campus.
  • Dance Concert

    Audiences love this inspired afternoon of music and dance, presented by Performing Arts Dance students and Marymount's Dance Ensemble.
  • Digital Film Festival

    Grab the popcorn! This is a new event, but one we’re excited about. Twice a year, we showcase the short films written, directed, filmed, and edited our girls in evening screenings for faculty, friends and family.
  • Mass & Community Events

    Our talented dancers, singers, actors and musicians regularly perform at all-school gatherings, Masses, and celebrations, adding a lively spirit to our school-wide events!