“Those first few years were pioneer ones—it rested with the students, under the kind guidance of the faculty; to establish and maintain a high scholastic standard, to generate interest in athletics and, above all, to make the outsider understand that the students of Marymount were appreciative of the religious and cultural values that made them outstanding” 
– Marjorie Keller ’28 The Mariange

Western Movement

In the spring of 1923 Mother Butler and Mother Cecilia Rafter, purchased a plot of land in Los Angeles on 28th Street, adjacent to the University of Southern California, and Marymount, Los Angeles opened its doors to students September 24, 1923.

Exponential Growth

With a modest start, the enrollment comprised merely five students, but through the dedication and commitment of the sisters, the student body expanded to twelve by the end of the year, fondly referred to as the "Daily Dozen." The following year marked a significant milestone as Marymount celebrated its first graduation exercises, commemorating the achievements of three graduating students: Marion Keller Francis ‘25, Katherine Keller O’Brien ‘25, and Christina Koch ‘25.

As the years progressed, the student body experienced steady growth, evident in the enrollment numbers reaching forty-two students by September 1924. By 1928, the need for additional space became apparent as the student body surpassed fifty. Responding to this need, in 1929, Mother Cecilia and Mother Butler identified a suitable location between UCLA and the Bel Air Country Club, securing a site that would accommodate the expanding Marymount community.