Head of School

From the Head of School

At Marymount, we are rewriting the narrative of what an independent, Catholic, all-girls school can be. We know that it is possible to have a high-level, challenging and engaging college-preparatory program in a supportive and balanced community. Our educational ethos is one of expansion, not constriction, which is fundamental to our near-century-old pillars of spirituality, values and social justice.
At the heart of Marymount's mission is the dual pursuit of academic excellence and personal growth. 

Marymount’s curriculum is noted by its breadth and depth and is designed to forge intellectual inquiry and debate while allowing students to use what they have learned well beyond what is written in a syllabus. Our heritage as an RSHM school, which has encouraged girls for almost one hundred years to excel in subjects and pursuits typically reserved for men, is embedded within our institutional DNA. In short, we know how to educate girls, and why our work is crucial. 
Expanding beyond the confines of academic excellence, our holistic and extensive co-curricular program offers our students the opportunity to develop their passions and explore new possibilities, with the principles of service, ethical leadership, and empowerment that underpin our entire curriculum.
Schools are about students, and at the heart of Marymount's success is the focus on our students' wide-ranging interests, ambitions, and personal growth.  For us, success is not measured merely by grades, but by a student's influence in her community, and on the world. We live this through the core philosophy of our Founding Order, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary "that all may have life and have it to the full." 

At Marymount, our students discover their voice and their purpose. A young woman’s willingness to lead, learn and serve sets the foundation for a life that is both well-lived and fulfilled. 

I hope you will experience all of this for yourself through a school tour or at our Open House on our beautiful and historic campus. I am excited to invite you and your daughter to see what makes Marymount such a unique place for your daughter to learn and flourish.
Jacqueline L. Landry
Head of School