Marymount Honors 16 Students Inducted Into the National Cum Laude Society

On Monday, April 29, Marymount honored 16 Seniors as they were inducted into the highly-coveted National Cum Laude Society.
Tika Martin, Marymount’s Academic Dean and President of the Marymount Chapter, followed Ms. Landry’s introduction with a brief history of the National Cum Laude Society, which was founded in 1906 to recognize the scholastic achievements of students in secondary schools. As one of 382 schools in the United States that host a Cum Laude chapter, Marymount is charged in identifying students who demonstrate the highest standard of academic excellence.
Our Sailors lifetime membership in the Cum Laude Society is a singular honor, and we proudly acknowledge their past, present and future endeavors to contribute to society after their time at Marymount ends. Congratulations to the following newest members of the Marymount Chapter of the National Cum Laude Society:
  • Sophia B.
  • Elizabeth B.
  • Skyler B.
  • Siobhan B.
  • Jenna D.
  • Amelia D.
  • Taylor F.
  • Sarah F.
  • Chenyu J.
  • Kelly K.
  • Haley K.
  • Alexandra M.
  • Andriana B.
  • Jillian N.
  • Jenna R.
  • Maya T.