Service Learning Assembly Kicks Off With A Discussion About Donating Blood

Approximately 4.5 million Americans will need a blood transfusion each year, yet, less than 5% of eligible donors will actually donate blood.
That was the discussion that Thomas King, Campus Liaison for the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center, and his colleagues had with our community regarding the importance of donating blood, kicking off the 2019 season of giving at Marymount.
Serving as the Assistant Director of Student Engagement at Loyola Marymount for 14 years prior to his post at UCLA, Mr. King’s life in service began as a young Jesuit child. He was always taught that in order to be a person of faith, one has to have justice at their core. After graduating college, Mr. King was introduced to Marymount’s charism that all may have life, which has transitioned well to his current work as a social justice advocate.
Mr. King’s colleagues which included a Registered Nurse and Transfusion Safety Officer, and two fourth-year UCLA students, also spoke with our community about how one simple act can save a life. At the end the presentation, Marymount students were asked to raise their hands showing their interest in donating blood. There was not one single hand that was not held high.
This Service Learning Assembly served as an powerful kick-off to yet another year of giving, and our students’ unshakeable commitment to the common good.