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The Anchor Receives Gold Rating From Columbia University

Marymount’s student-run online newspaper, The Anchor, received a prestigious Gold Medalist Critique from Columbia University’s Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) for their 2018-19 academic year entry. Additionally, Carlisle W. ’21 impressively won third place in the “Entertainment Review” category for her review of Fiddler on the Roof playing at The Pantages Theater.
The Anchor is Marymount’s student quarterly online newspaper that features student journalism about the school and the greater Los Angeles community.
"I’m proud of the girls’ dedication to bringing their own style and voice in journalism,” said Samantha Hazell-O’Brien, Marymount’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, English teacher, and The Anchor’s faculty advisor. “They fit The Anchor into their already busy schedules and dedicate time to fostering a strong commitment to ethical, journalistic values throughout the community.”
Many of The Anchor’s journalists go on to become Section Editors and Editors-in-Chief at their Colleges and Universities.
Impressively, Carlisle W. ’21 went on to take third place in the “Entertainment Review” category of individual entries. With over 6,000 entries in all categories, Carlisle’s coverage of Fiddler on the Roof at The Pantages Theater garnered the impressions of CSPA. To read her review, Fiddler on the Roof: Same Religion, Different Tradition, please CLICK HERE.
The CSPA is Columbia’s international student press association that unites student journalists and faculty advisers through conferences, idea exchanges, textbooks, critiques, and award programs. Each year, student newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and online media are invited to submit issues or hyperlinks for Medalist Critiques.

Experienced judges conduct Critiques based on standards and best practices for student media developed by the CSPA. Judges write out comments and make constructive suggestions for building on current strengths and correcting deficiencies. Critiques are scored and awarded on three levels: bronze, silver, or gold.
Marymount congratulates all of our students involved in our winning publications! Click on the following link to see the latest edition of The Anchor.