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Marymount Honors 21 Students Inducted Into The National Cum Laude Society

On Monday, May 4, Marymount honored twenty-one senior scholars as they were inducted into the highly-coveted National Cum Laude Society.
Gathered virtually, Sr. Margaret McKenna, RSHM, began the ceremony with an opening prayer.
“Lord, even though we are limited by this period of lockdown,” she prayed, “we thank you for giving us this moment to celebrate. We ask that you guide our students in their journey forward. May they hold forever within them a Sailor heart, a Sailor purpose, and forever be, Sailor Strong.”
Head of School Jacqueline Landry then gave her opening remarks, congratulating our seniors, and welcoming their families. She shared that this is one of her favorite traditions because of the history and legacy of this society and what it signifies.
“This society is more than just academic excellence, it’s also about honor and justice,” Ms. Landry shared, and then directed her sentiments to the young women being inducted.
“I’m especially proud of your accomplishments in the context of who we are here at Marymount,” Ms. Landry shared, “I want urge that you never underestimate or undervalue the significance of your mind. You need to be honored and celebrated for that.”  
Julie Whittell, Marymount’s Interim Academic Dean and President of the Marymount Cum Laude chapter followed Ms. Landry’s introduction with a brief history of the Cum Laude Society which was founded in 1906. This prestigious society recognizes the “scholastic achievement of students in secondary school,” and only has chapters established in schools of superior academic quality. Marymount is charged to identify members who have demonstrated the highest standard of academic excellence.
Typically, students receive a pin from Ms. Landry and Ms. Whittell as they are inducted into the society. With the current state of our global health crisis, students gathered with their families and when their name was called, either had a family member present the pin, or they pinned themselves. Congratulations to the newest members of the Marymount Chapter of the National Cum Laude Society:
  • Sarah A.
  • Isabelle A.
  • Hailey B.
  • Mary C.
  • Dorothy E.
  • Kendall F.
  • Zoey G.
  • Audrey H.
  • Elissa K.
  • Jenny K.
  • Sofia L.
  • Grace M.
  • Ali M.
  • Mary M.
  • Jacqueline M.
  • Lucia P-S.
  • Elizabeth R.
  • Brianna R.
  • Kendra T.M.
  • Azaclarisse T.
  • Devin W.