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Statement From The Board of Trustees at Marymount High School

As individuals who have come together as the Board of Trustees, our responsibility is to steward Marymount High School in alignment with its central mission: to educate and empower young women to live lives of consequence as ethical leaders with a global perspective and an unshakable commitment to the common good.
In listening to the voices and reading the words of both current and former Black students and Students of Color, it is clear to us that over the years Marymount has fallen short of that mark, and therefore as the stewards of this mission, so too have we. Systemic racism and inequity exist within every facet of our society. Although painful to accept, it is incontrovertible that this inequity and injustice specifically exists within the education system, including at Marymount.
Simply put, no student should ever have to suffer the micro and macro aggressions, the hostile words and demeaning acts, or the traumatic consequences of inequitable treatment that some of our Black students and alumnae have shared. As a Board we do not condone it, we apologize for it, and we commit to supporting and mandating change at Marymount to address the issues, experiences and calls for action raised by our current and former students.
In the coming weeks we will be posting publicly more specifics of Marymount’s Phase I and Phase II action plan. We recognize that trust comes from action, and we assure you that Marymount has already begun taking concrete steps to plan and implement meaningful change.
Marymount is a community that connects its constituents for life. We are appreciative that our alumnae care so deeply for the school and education and the well being of current students and students to come. We intend to remain engaged with all aspects of the Marymount community, including our alumnae, in the weeks and months to come.
The Black Lives Matter protests have led to a remarkable worldwide movement and a groundswell of support for meaningful and lasting societal change. As a nearly 100-year-old institution, Marymount over the last century has borne witness to many changes in our country and culture, and has evolved each time to meet the needs of today’s students in light of the changing world. We embrace this moment as an opportunity to do better today, and to honor the mission and the trust placed in us by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and by Marymount families past, present and future.

Marymount Board of Trustees