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13 Marymount Athletes Honored During the Senior Athletic Signing Celebration

On Friday, May 7, Marymount recognized 13 Sailor Strong athletes who committed to continue their athletic careers in college during our Senior Athletic Signing Celebration.
On average, among all high school athletes in the United States, approximately 7% continue to play varsity sports in college. This year at Marymount, in addition to the 13 seniors that were honored during this celebration, 11 students will continue their respective sport in college which is 10% of our senior class. 

“We are sending these Senior Athletes all over the nation to show the rest of the country what we have had the privilege to witness on the court, field, and in the pool.” Erin Diamond, Assistant Athletic Director shared.

Congratulations to the following students:

     - Carlisle W. ‘21 - Hamilton, Lacrosse
     - Rachel C. ‘21 - UCSD, Rowing
     - Kate K. ‘21 - Pepperdine, Volleyball
     - Amanda L. ‘21 - UC Irvine, Volleyball
     - Caroline A. ‘21 - Colgate, Volleyball
     - Grace R. ‘21 - University of Rochester, Soccer
     - Karlie O. ‘21 - Chapman, Water Polo
     - Leah K. ‘21 - Harvard, Rowing
     - Nicole M. ‘21 - U. of Chicago, Volleyball
     - Katherine K. ‘21 - Bates College, Volleyball
     - Maggie K. ‘21 - Bates College, Soccer
     - Anna S. ‘21 - Emerson College
     - Caitlin D. ‘21 - UC Santa Cruz -
     - Elise K. ‘21 - U. Wisconsin, Rowing

We applaud and celebrate these student-athletes as they are ready to take their skills and abilities to the next level, leaving an indelible mark on our community.