Mass of the Holy Spirit Brings Marymount's Community Together

Marymount's students, faculty, and staff gathered on Wednesday, September 22 for the Mass of the Holy Spirit - the first all-school Mass of the 2021-2022 school year.
This long-held tradition anchors students and faculty alike and is celebrated amongst many educational institutions with Catholic roots across the country.  

At Marymount, we view this gathering as a means to solidify our commitment to a productive and enriching school year. This year, many moments of the Mass were incredibly meaningful, especially the joint performance featuring our student Orchestra, Choir, Dancers, and soloist, performing "A Thousand Years".  

Fr. Lan Ngo, S.J. from Loyola Marymount presided. "Mary's entire life was an open hut or tent for the Holy Spirit," Fr. Ngo said. "She answered yes to the Holy Spirit, with all of her heart and being. The heart of Mary became sacred and it was evident throughout her life. So it is fitting that the Mass of the Holy Spirit be intertwined together with Marymount and with this community."

Head of School, Jacqueline L. Landry remarked, "We are so grateful for Fr. Lan Ngo's reflections and moved by his profound words that resonated with Marymount's history with the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary and truly lifted up for the girls the presence that Mary still has in our lives. His words reminded us of her incredible courage, passion, and focus on social justice." 

Eireen Ty, Religious Studies faculty member, and Liturgy Coordinator said today's Mass was a collaborative effort from many in Marymount's community. "We wanted to bring forth the gifts and talents of our students, faculty, and staff," she said. "The Mass of the Holy Spirit invites community members to bring forth the gifts and talents and I believe this Mass was a great reflection of that."

The Mass included a Sukkot Jewish blessing from faculty member, Jeremy Levine. To conclude the Mass and ceremony, the community offered special blessings for the students to carry with them through the school year.