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Annual Class-Level Retreats Focus on Bonding and Community

January 26 - 28, the Marymount community took a collective reflective pause to participate in the long-standing tradition of class retreats. Every year at Marymount, students embark on a three-day adventure full of reflection, sisterhood, and prayer during our annual Retreat Week, a beloved tradition and a cornerstone of our Spiritual Life curriculum.
Led by members of the Marymount faculty, the retreat program is designed to strengthen bonds between classmates, while also providing students with a view into the world around them and the important role each plays within it.  Retreat week is an opportunity for students to explore their definition of community, reflect on personal identity and faith, and set intentions for the academic year.
Freshmen activities focused on building new friendships, understanding their calling to serve the broader community, and delving into the question of “Who are We?” and the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary’s emphasis, “That all may have life and have it to the full.” Similarly, the Sophomores gathered to explore the question of “Who are we becoming?” Both classes participated in community service to benefit the non-profit, Valley of Change, by preparing personal hygiene kits. Then challenged themselves and bonded with teamwork to complete fulcrum obstacle courses. 
Meanwhile, Juniors and Seniors traveled to Running Springs, CA, for a three-day, two-night stay at the Pali Institute. Students hiked, swam, and zip-lined while exploring community unity through their classmates’ diversity. Additionally, these off-campus retreats allowed students to dig deeper into their relationships with each other and ready themselves for the college-planning challenges that are ahead.