AP Spanish and AP Studio Art Field Trip to Hammer Museum

On Thursday October 20, Sra. Kosberg's AP Spanish classes and Ms. Madoo's AP Studio Art students, with the help of Ms. G. Whittell, took a bus of 45 students to the Hammer Museum.  We explored the exhibits Picasso: Cut Papers: 2D and 3D works  made with paper from age 9 - 80 years old;  Joan Didion: What She Means, a curated show of over 50 works that reflect on her writings and travels. We also saw Bob Woodward, painted canvases from the 60's and 70's that lean on the history of European Painting with saturated color and faceless figures retelling familiar stories. It was a fast, fun ART filled afternoon that reminded our students of our city's vibrant cultural spaces and inspired them to take their creative work seriously.