• Marymount High School
Each student at Marymount has an advising team supporting her and advocating on her behalf. In addition to grade level advisors, the advising team consists of the college counselor to whom she is assigned in her sophomore year, the Student Life team, and the Assistant Head: Academic Dean.

This cadre of adults in the students’ lives brings decades of experience in how best to support girls academically, socially, and emotionally. This advising model is very intentional and ensures every student is taken care of in a holistic way and not just how she performs in class. The team is also here to assist our parents and teachers in their efforts to help students as well.

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Advising Team

Grade Level Advisors: 

Freshman Class:
Tracee Logan x 405

Sophomore Class:
Stephanie Osimiri x 306

Junior Class:
Lyndsey DeMuro x 407

Senior Class:
Meggie Purpura x 292

College Counselors:

Marty O'Connell x 330

P.J. Petrone x 328