College Counseling

Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

College Night for Junior Families: Continuing the Conversation  
Wednesday, November 28th at 7:00pm
Cantwell Auditorium
This event is mandatory for all juniors and at least one parent

Our college counseling philosophy hinges upon the notion that truly meaningful exploration of college options takes time, and allows our students to get ahead of the college search process, rather than having it get ahead of them. This program acts as a formal start to the intensive college search process for juniors and the opportunity to gain an insider's perspective on the national landscape of higher education admissions.We are excited to be joined by Laura Stratton, the Director of Admission at Scripps College, the all women's college of the Claremont Consortium, and one of the most highly regarded in the nation.  Ms. Stratton is responsible for the day to day activities involved in student recruitment, admission and enrollment. She is in her twelfth year at Scripps, after receiving her start in college admission at her alma mater, the University of Redlands.  Ms. Stratton is a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the college admission process.

Standardized Testing Night
Wednesday, December 5th at 7pm
Digital Resource Center
Recommended for Sophomore and Junior parents, no students

Everything you've ever wanted to know about standardized testing. A standardized testing professional from the Princeton Review is our guest for a comprehensive discussion about the value and use of testing in the admission process. After reviewing the results of the Princeton Review Start-Up taken earlier in the month, students explore if the SAT or ACT best suits them and how to successfully prepare. Whether a student has taken the Princeton Review Start-Up or not, this program will provide insight on the role of testing in college application review.

This event is optional for students and parents. Sophomore families are recommended to attend and junior families are welcome.
First Year Parent College Kick-Off
Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm
Digital Resource Center
Mandatory one parent, no students

This is an opportunity for the college counselors to meet the newest parents in the Marymount community during a lively conversation. Although college is relatively far away for first-year students, fostering a working knowledge of how academic achievement, course selection, standardized testing and extracurricular involvement factor into admission decisions is invaluable at this early stage in the process. We will “debunk” common college admission myths and orient families to the four-year comprehensive college counseling model at Marymount.    

This event is mandatory for at least one parent; students do not need to attend.

College Night for Sophomore Families
Wednesday, February 6th at 7:00 PM
Cantwell Auditorium
Mandatory student and one parent

Aimed at continuing the college-going conversation, this session pays particular attention to the variety of colleges available and how students can accentuate their strengths through a college application. The college counselors utilize a panel of admission personnel to illustrate the breadth of collegiate options and the integral components of a college application. Every college search is unique and individual; students will learn how to identify their strengths and where they will be most valued.

This event is mandatory for all sophomores and at least one parent

Financial Aid Night, Pt 1
Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00pm, Milken Community School
Optional junior and senior parents, no students
Milken Community High School
15800 Zeldins' Way at Mulholland Dr
Los Angeles CA 90049

Financial Aid Part 1, will cover financial aid basics and terminology: need and merit based aid, financial aid “gapping”, meeting need, preferential packaging, third party scholarships, PPY, the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Our featured speaker for the workshop is Corinne Schell from the Marist University.   

The Milken Community High School campus is located just off of the Mulholland/Skirball Center exit on the 405 freeway. On-campus parking will be available. Please follow the instruction of the guard at the main gate who will direct you to the nearest available parking spot.
No RSVP necessary. This is optional for sophomore and junior parents, students do not need to attend.

Case Studies
Wednesday, May 1st at 6:30pm
Wildwood School
Mandatory Juniors and one parent

Identify, dissect and discuss what a college application consists of and which pieces matter more than others. In a highly recognized and anticipated annual event, Marymount teams up with Milken Community High School, Wildwood School, Archer School for Girls, and over 60 college admission officers from around the country for an evening of spirited conversation and interesting insights. Student and parent groups will be led through an exercise simulating a college admission committee. The evening ends with a college fair representing all the colleges participating.  This year’s event will be hosted by Marymount and held on our campus. Participation by all Junior families is expected.
This is a mandatory event for all juniors and at least one parent.

Be sure to bring the “case studies” (to be posted on Naviance) either in print or electronic form (on a computer or tablet) with you to Wildwood on May 1st.

Please prepare to arrive early and refer to a future @Marymount email for parking information. Families will most likely need to park off site and be directed a short distance to the Wildwood campus.